Why is My Canon MP130 Printer Offline?

I have a Canon mp 130 printer at home for over 6 months now. it used to work perfectly fine until last night and did not show any kind of malfunction over the time of its use. Yesterday while giving a print command my computer showed my printer to be offline. I checked my printer and it was on and looking just fine. I restarted the whole system and even updated the drivers but still the offline messages flashes. i could not figure out the reason for it being offline. Can anyone here suggest something to get my Canon Printer back to online?

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Hello Ben, go through these instructions to make your Canon printer online -

  1. On your computer, go to Start menu and then tap on “Printers and Devices” option. By doing this, a list of all devices will open that are currently connected to your printer.
  2. Locate your Canon printer from that list and then press double click on your Canon printer’s icon. You can check your printer status here, it will be either Ready or Offline.
  3. Next, click on “Printer: Offline” status. Now printer menu will appear on the screen. Go to menu bar and then tap on “Printer”. Then proceed to next step.
  4. Also, uncheck the option “Use Printer Offline”. By doing this, your printer will change from offline to online.

If still, your printer is offline then -

  1. Navigate to Settings and then tap on Printers. Press right click on Canon printer and then choose the option “Use printer offline”.
  2. Delete print jobs. Press right click on Canon printer and then move to Printer menu> Cancel all documents.
  3. Toggle Canon printer off and then back on after a couple of minutes. Check all network connections and confirm that none of the connection is loose.
  4. At last, restart your system and check your printer status. If it is online then print a test page.
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Why is My Canon MP130 Printer Offline?

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