Why isn't My Conan Printer Printing the Whole Page How can I Resolve It?

I have one Conan printer modal is "Canon Selphy CP1200 " this is a wireless compact photo printer. It was working very well but suddenly it is not printing the whole page and some dots are also come on out the printout. Plzz suggests to me that how can I solve my problem.

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Answer - 1

Usually, when you print a document, there is some “white space” that is left at the margins of the page to make it look good. Margins create a sort of frame and increase the document’s visual appeal. On the other hand, if your Canon printer is not printing the whole page then you need to check if printer drivers itself has default borders set for each document or not. To fix such things, go to Startup menu and then open “Printers and Devices”. After that, press right click on your printer’s icon. Now a menu will pop-up from where you have to choose Printing Preferences and then look at the setup options. Find the “Layout” option and then tap on it. Now, you can set margins to zero.

If your Canon printer is not printing the whole page then you need to check these things -

Bitmap Resolution –

If you are trying to print bitmapped images, just note down one thing I.,e the size appearing on the page is directly related to the pixel dimensions and resolution. If you are printing an image that measures 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high will constitute a 1 inch square at 300 pixels per inch. On the other hand, if you interpret the same image at 72 ppi, it will measure 4.17 inches. As a result, you will see smaller but less blurry output.

Print Setup –

There are many applications that include some settings and that enable you to print enlarged and reduced size that is related to the dimensions of your original work. When you save your printing work in these applications, some of them retain the scaling factor that you have applied earlier when you print the document. So before printing, check the document as well as application settings that forces its output different from actual size. Choose “Fit Page” or “Crop to fit” option accordingly.

Media Size -

If the dimension of your document exceeds the size of paper that your printer can handle then print as much as it can. If you want to print the document area then you may be able to tile to multiple sheets but if you splice the tiled sheets together then the results show your entire document.

Print Area -

If the printing document looks like it is the right size then do not scale up or down, just check your printer documentation for the printable area.

If after trying above things, you are encountering the same problem then take assistance from experts available at Canon Printer Technical Support.

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