Epson MFC240C Printer Not Printing Yellow Color

My Epson mfc240c printer uses ink bottles instead of ink cartridges. For the first 6 months of purchase, it was working properly but now my printer is not printing yellow color. I have also checked ink levels and there is sufficient ink then I didn’t understand what’s the reason behind this. If anybody of you has faced such problem in past time then please tell me what possible causes behind this and how to troubleshoot this particular issue of Epson printer.

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  • lay  Dec 2, 2020
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Fix Epson Printer not Printing Yellow Color:

The reason for your Epson printer not able to print a Yellow color (yellow in this case) can be because of numerous factors. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the Epson printer not printing yellow color issue. Follow them carefully.

1. Check Printhead: The printhead is responsible for transferring the color from your ink bottle to the paper. Due to excess use, it tends to get blocked. So open the top compartment of your printer and take out the printhead. Clean it using a piece of cloth soaked in warm water and see if the issue is resolved.

2. Change Ink Bottle: The ink bottle you have mentioned might be below the minimum mark, different printer machines have different set levels for the minimum mark. Some warn you once the ink is empty while others well in advance. So if the bottle is at fault why not change it.

3. Use Brand Recommended Ink: The inks used by your printer has different texture and tone, these aspects are very important in maintaining your printer machine. If you use cheap or other ink which has not been recommended by your manufacturer then chances are your machine will malfunction.

4. Make Sure Ink Bottle is Set in its Place: If the ink bottle you are mentioning is not properly set in its position, its nozzle won't properly align with the printhead and thus won't print the color. so make sure it has been properly set in its position and then see if the issue is resolved.

Hopefully, these steps will help you resolve the issue of Epson printer not printing yellow color, in case you have any further doubts or queries regarding your printer, feel free to reply back.

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