Epson Printer not Printing Every Line?

I have an Epson L-380 at home for quite some time now. I am a college student and nearing towards the end of semester so the printing job frequency has increased in past few weeks. The printer was working fine for the most part but recently I have noticed that the printer does not print or misses a few lines of prints for some reason and this is totally random and for some prints it just does the work perfectly and in few it just skips a few lines for some reason. I do not what the problem is here, does anyone here knows the issue or causes behind it and how can i fix it?

Epson Printer Not Printing Every Line -

If your Epson printer is not printing every line then check this -


When the printer’s cartridges get clogged then it can cause defects in output. The problem that you are facing often show up when hardware sits idle for a long time period. To resolve this kind of printing hassles, you should use a printhead cleaning routine that you can access from control software that you have installed when you first set up your Epson printer.

In the situation of severe clogging, you have to run the cleaning cycle more that one cycle. Once you finish the cleaning sequence, check your Epson printer is printing properly or not.

Epson Printhead Alignment 

Various times, when printhead falls out of alignment, you can see gaps in the printing output. To correct printhead problems, you can use Epson printer’s built-in alignment routine.

Laser Cartridges 

You can also face stray lines on the printed document when the drum that sustains a scratch. In some printers, the drum is placed inside the toner cartridges. Besides this, when the cartridges get defective then it can produce voids in the printed output.

Dirty LEDs 

Paper dust, stray toner, and other contaminants can obscure LED and because of this output suffers as the printer can’t apply toner. So, you have to wipe the printheads by using a clean & lint-free cloth.



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Epson Printer not Printing Every Line?

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