How do I Connect My Epson Printer to the WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how do I connect my Epson printer to the WiFi. I am trying to connect my Epson printer to home wifi but it's not connecting. Help me.

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Connect Epson Printer to WiFi:

Epson multifunction printer is working on inkjet printing technology. Epson printer’s print speed is 27 pages per minute and with color print its speed is 15 page per minute. It loads A4, A5, A6, B5 paper size in input tray. Epson printer is compatible for windows XP, Window Vista and MAC book. Epson printer comes with standard memory and it has one USB 2.0 high speed port so transferring of data from compatible device is much easier.

Epson printer can connect with wireless network easily but if you are new one with Epson printer and you want to connect this with WiFi. On very first time, you have to call any technical person to connect my Epson printer to the WiFi.

Here We are Explaining Step by Step Solution to Setup Epson Printer to WiFi:

Step 1 : First you need to select or change wireless setting option through control panel.

Step 2 : To install your Epson printer on wireless network, first you need to install necessary software.

Note: during any kind of break down with Epson printer might be cause of loss of your data or network setting. Epson printer is not responsible for these kinds of losses during warranty period of out of warranty period.

So we are advised you to take back of your data before doing these kind of setting. This means those network settings you have done earlier; you have to take backup of those settings for future use.

Step 3 : Thereafter you need to press home button if it is required.

Step 4 : Then you need to select setup option.

Step 5 : Thereafter select network setting option.

Step 6 : Now you will get screen with several options. Out of those option, you have to choose WiFi setup option.

Step 7 : Now you need to select WiFi setup wizard option.

Note: One important thing you should remember, you need to disable your wireless network during the setup of your product on Ethernet network. You need to scroll down and select disable WiFi option. Then follow onscreen instruction to change your wired network connection.

Step 8 : Either you need to select your network name or assign a unique name manually.

Step 9 : To assign wireless network name manually, you need to scroll down and select the option other network. You need to use display keyboard to enter your network name.

Step 10 : Now you need to enter your wireless network password using display keyboard.

Note: you should be careful about your network name and password. Network name and password are case sensitive. You have to make sure to enter network name and password.

Step 11 : Now you need to press touch screen button repeatedly to scroll down through character.

Step 12 : Now you need to press forward and backward arrow to move your cursor.

Step 13 : Press 1 symb to enter symbol.

Step 14 : Press cross symbol to delete the previous character.

Step 15 : Now you need to press on done option when you have finished enter the password.

Step 16 : In this step, you need to confirm the display network setting and thereafter select proceed to save those settings.

Note: If you want to change in your network setting, you need to press the back button to make changes in your network setting.

Step 17 : Press the start button to get print network setup report otherwise select done.

Step 18 : If you network connection has been done successfully, network icon is being display on the right side of your LCD Screen in blue color.

This is the step by step procedure to connect my Epson printer to the WiFi.

Epson Printer Failed to Connect to WiFi:

Some time Epson printer might fail to connect to WiFi due to negotiate the credential in correct manner or they required a legacy setting for WiFi. In the very first step to run the setup utility which is cabled with printer via USB. Go ahead and configure it for their wireless network. Select the wireless network and specified a unique name and password for their network.

If this process does not allow you to connect with your wireless network, this specifies that problem is not associated with your wireless network. There might be chance problem with your Epson printer. This means your printer is using legacy WiFi protocols to communicate. So in this case, we need to downgrade wireless network to allow your printer to connect.

If you network has any kind of firmware v 1.4 or newer version, you need to follow below steps to allow your printer to communicate with wireless network.

  • First you need to login your wireless network web interface.
  • Thereafter select configure->WiFi.
  • Click on tab unique.
  • Now you need to click on legacy checkbox which is under 2.4 GHz radio setting.
  • Click on apply button.
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