How do I Connect My Ricoh Printer to My Computer?

Hello, Please let me know that how do I connect my Ricoh printer to my computer. I bought an new Ricoh printer and now trying to connect with my computer. But it's not connecting. Help me.

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  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Connect Ricoh Printer to a Computer:

To connect your Ricoh printer to computer, you must first link it to your computer with the given USB cable. Next, you must set up a driver before utilizing the apparatus as a printer or a scanner. For best results, download the most recent drivers from the manufacturer's support page to guarantee compatibility with your operating system.

Every single Ricoh printer has networking capacities that can be experienced by your home network as well. If you want this to happen, you must link it to the computer (to which it was coupled in the beginning.)

Step 1: To start with, load the Ricoh driver Download page into your Internet browser (link in Resources).

Step 2: Write down the name of your printer into the search box or choose your model with the help of the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Next, click your printer's name in the Driver section to download the setup file for the device's driver.

Step 4:

  • Start the installation file.
  • As soon as you receive the prompt signal, attach the printer to your computer utilizing the given USB cable.
  • Abide by the steps to finish doing the setup and get your Ricoh printer going.

Words of Advice-

You can also give a part of your printer to additional pieces of equipment but make sure that they are hooked up to the same network.

  1. If you want to achieve this outcome, at first, access the Control Panel and launch Network and Sharing Center.
  2. After that, click "Change advanced network settings" in the sidebar and tick the "Turn on file and printer sharing" checkbox.
  3. In case you would like to utilize your computer with a Ricoh copier (that is by now, joined to a different machine and divided over the network, spoken of earlier), scan for the gadget and attach it to your PC without connecting it with a USB.
  4. Afterward, start Control Panel; under that, click "Devices and Printers," at first and later, select "Add a printer."
  5. Subsequently, select your copier from the list and push the "Next" button to set up its driver from the network and connect it to your PC.
  6. Lastly, if you would like to join a Windows shared printer to a Mac, you will require the IP address of the machine.

Bringing Devices up to Date with RICOH's Always Current Technology: The main points

Copiers, printers, especially multifunction printers, are critical for commerce and trade. Ricoh started its Always Current Technology in the beginning of 2019 on a few but brand-new Ricoh MFPs and printers.

If your RICOH gadget makes use of RICOH Always Current Technology, then you get to modernize your gadget software without problems.

A Few of the Benefits of RICOH Always Current Technology for Customers Include Points Like:

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2-This technology backs responsive design, meaning we can carry on inserting custom-built capabilities (that are exclusive to certain industries and business workflows). You can make your operations perfect by selecting functions that are in agreement with your business needs.

3-At present, security is the number one topic of worry to countless businesses. However, this technology, with its most recent security features ensures that your devices are kept out of harm's way.

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  •   June 10, 2021
Answer - 2

Connect My Ricoh Printer to My Computer:

Do you want to know how to connect the Ricoh printer to the computer? If yes, then you have made the right decision of opening this link. Here, you are going to read out all the steps that you need to perform to connect your printer to the computer directly.

How to Enable Soft AP Function Using the Power Key on the Printer?

Carry out the steps below to enable the soft AP function on Windows.

Step 1: Press the power key for turning on your printer.

Step 2: Press the power key and keep on holding it for longer than a second. The power light will turn blue and the wireless function will get enabled on your printer.

Step 3: Press the power key for another second. The power light will flash twice and the soft AP function will get turned on.

Step 4: Set papers on your printer.

Step 5: Press the power key three times in a row. The system settings page will get printed from the printer.

Step 6: Confirm that the soft AP function is enabled on the sheet of system settings. In case the soft AP is not enabled, then carry out all the steps from step 1 to turn on soft AP.

Step 7: Click on the icon of wireless on the taskbar of your PC. Available network names will be displayed before you.

Step 8: Select the name of your printer from the list.

Step 9: Enter the password for soft AP and then select connect.

  • Enter the password for soft AP in the section of passphrase below soft AP on your sheet of system settings.
  • The password and network name can be changed with the help of the Ricoh printer.
  • In case you wish to disable the soft AP function, then press the power button for more than a second. The power indicator will flash before you three times in a row.

Now, you can print your documents on the computer through a wireless network by choosing the option of print from the applications menu.

How to Enable Soft AP Function on Your Ricoh Printer?

Before you start with the steps, you need to install the Ricoh printer on your computer first. Once you are done installing the printer, then you can proceed with the steps below.

Step 1: Press the power key and then turn on your printer.

Step 2: Use a USB wire to connect your printer to the computer.

Step 3: Look for the Ricoh printer icon on the screen and then click on it. The app will get launched.

Step 4: Select settings.

Step 5: Now select the option of Soft AP. The SSID and the password for the printer will be set by default. You can reset the network name and password for Soft AP. Select the SSID text box and then put-in the SSID in 32 characters. Select the passphrase textbox and then enter the new password in 8 to 63 characters.

Step 6: Toggle the switch to turn on the soft AP function and then select Apply.

In case there are some changes in the settings, the authentication password screen will open up after clicking on Apply. Enter the default admin password 888888.

You can also reset the password by going to the section of "modify password" in the menu of settings. Restart your printer to apply the changed settings.

Step 7: Select the icon of the wireless network on the taskbar of your computer. You can search for the available access points and the access points found will appear on the list.

Step 8: Select your printer from the list.

Step 9: Enter the password for Soft AP and then select connect.

The printer has a soft AP function, which makes your printer a temporary router device. The advantage of this feature is that you can connect your Ricoh printer to the computer without using a Wi-Fi router. However, this soft AP function only works in the case of a Windows computer. Let us now get to know how to enable soft AP function on Windows.

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  •   June 10, 2021