How to Clear a SC546 Error on a Ricoh?

I have a Ricoh Printer at my home and It work great but suddenly my screen displayed SC546 Error and I do everything like restart several times and check connection but unable to find error. So can anyone give me suggestion how I clear a SC546 Error on a Ricoh .

  • Steven
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  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Fix sc546 Ricoh Error Code:

Ricoh Printer uses sc546 error code to warn users that the printer’s work is interrupted. Codes starting with "SC" refer to problems with fuser parts, which become heat for tying toner or ink on the paper.

While clearing the code, most users can be completed it, it is important to see that clearing the code does not fix the sc546 error code reset problem. Codes that appear again should be addressed by a certified Ricoh technician. You can discuss the problem of sc546 Ricoh error code with Ricoh expert team.

To Remove this Ricoh sc546 Error Try the Following Steps:-

  • Go to the main panel of the Ricoh copier and Press the "Clear Modes" button.

  • Press "1, 0, 7" key in series You do not need to hold all buttons at the same time but need to be pressed and released in this accurate order.
  • You will need to press and hold the "Stop" button down until the Ricoh copier enters into service mode. The touch screen will read the "service mode" and three soft keys will appear.

  • Click on the "Exit" button. It will be shown on the touch screen display in the upper right-hand corner. Once the key is pressed, the copier will return to its normal operation mode.
  • Turn off the main power of your Ricoh. This button will be located on the side or front of the copier. It is depending on which Ricoh model you are working on.

  • Now, Turn the power back on. Once the Ricoh printer is powered back up, the service code will be cleared.

If your Ricoh sc546 printer does not work properly till now. You can communicate directly with our Ricoh team and discuss your printer issues with them. Our team members are highly experienced in their workplace. They will provide an assured solution to your problems.

  •   Steven
  •   September 27, 2022