How Do I Reset a Ricoh Aficio CL3000e Printer to Factory Defaults?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i reset a Ricoh aficio cl3000e printer to factory defaults. Help me.

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Reset Ricoh Aficio Printer to Factory Defaults

Do you want to reset the Ricoh Aficio printer to factory defaults? How to do that? At certain times, there is an essential need to reset your printer or copier machine back to its original factory settings.

This may be caused due to network changes, re-positioning the printer to a new location, adding new accessories to the machine, or randomly making a particular setting as a default setting. But, above all that, the good thing is that you can easily reset a Ricoh Aficio cl3000e printer to factory defaults which can be accomplished in just a few steps.

Why You Need to Reset Ricoh Printer?

Suppose you have changed your router and you want to connect your printer to the new router network. In such a scenario, your printer attempts to connect to the old wifi settings. This complete thing triggers the need to reset a Ricoh aficio cl3000e printer to factory defaults.

Important Note: The steps to factory reset are similar for most Ricoh's machines, some may require slightly different steps or may not have different buttons than other models. So, this answer gives you a basic factory reset procedure for all types of Ricoh printer machines. For the more specific procedure, you can take assistance from the device manuals.

How is Backup Required During Ricoh Factory Reset?

When you reset a Ricoh printer, it means you restore all the configured settings back to the original factory settings. One might delete or reset the saved settings as they may want to clear copy settings that were mistakenly saved as a default setting. The only important thing one should realize is that when you reset a Ricoh, you actually clear all saved information on the Ricoh machine.

Step 1: Backup of Address Books

Take a backup of address books saved in the Ricoh copier settings that you may need in the future. With the help of the owner's manual, follow the steps to back up any information that you want to keep safe and do not want to lose.

This is because resetting the device to factory defaults will erase all the stored data from the printer's memory.

Step 2:

Press and hold the "./*" key and the "#" key on the Ricoh copier panel for about 10 seconds. While you are holding the buttons for 10 seconds, you won't see anything happening on the screen.

Once after 10 seconds are completed, the Ricoh printer automatically shuts down and starts to reboot. By doing this process, you can reset the Ricoh Aficio cl3000e printer to factory default settings.

Step 3:

Perform a quick test to ensure that the complete reset process worked to succeed. Go through the menu options on the panel screen and you will notice that all your old settings have been discarded and replaced with the original default settings. Your address books have been cleared.

If this same thing has happened, this means that the steps to reset a Ricoh Aficio cl3000e printer to factory defaults are correct and successful. If the reset steps haven't worked well and you find anything missing, you can check your owner's manual. This is because the procedure for some Ricohs may differ from this process.

This information can be anything including any documents earlier saved to the copier's hard drive, stored user codes, and saved fax numbers and addresses. By taking a backup, you save all the important data on your device. Just like reset, data backup is also simple and you can easily check the user's manual to learn how to back up this information.

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