How to Fix Error Code SC364 Ricoh SP C811DN-DL Printer?

I have Ricoh SP C811DN-DL Printer for last 8months and it works fine but suddenly my screen displayed error code SC364 and I try many ways to resolve this error like restart several-time but unable to find. So can anyone give me any suggestion to how I fix error code SC364 Ricoh SP C811DN-DL Printer?

SC364 Ricoh Error Code :

Please Try the Following Solutions to Fix Error Code SC364 Ricoh SP C811DN-DL Printer -

SC364 Ricoh Error Code Solution 1 -

1. First of all, turn OFF your Ricoh printer.
2. After that open the printer head and then turn ON your printer.
3. Now the cartridges will start to move to the left side. Before they move to left side, close down the printer cover and leave your printer as it is.

Solution 2 -

1. Reset print head.
2. Turn off your Ricoh printer and then leave it as it is for some time.
3. Again, turn on your printer and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Solution 3 -

1. Remove and the clean printhead.
2. You can use alcohol to clean printhead connectors.
3. Be you turn on your Ricoh printer, make sure all connectors are dried completely.
4. Next, immediately press the Power button to start the reboot mode on Ricoh printer.

Solution 4 -

1. Remove all ink cartridges.
2. After that, you have to lift up the grey bar.
3. Now, move the print head in the middle of the printer.
4. After that, you have to clean the plastic head primers. If you find any problematic cartridge then remove it.

Solution 5 -

1. Press Power button and Copy button simultaneously.
2. Wait for a few moments.
3. Once you do that, your printer will start and after that, you can perform a nozzle check.

Hope these solutions will help you to fix error code SC364 Ricoh SP C811DN-DL printer. On the other hand, if the problem still persists then get in touch with Ricoh Printer.



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How to Fix Error Code SC364 Ricoh SP C811DN-DL Printer?

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