How do I Get My Epson Printer Online?

I have a Windows 7 operating system and Epson NX510 wireless printer. When I restart my system, my printer does not come back online. To make my printer again online, I have to remove the printer and then delete printer port. After this, I have to again add my printer as a local printer via EpsonNet Printer Port. After completing these steps, my printer works fine but when I restart my PC, again my printer goes offline. Any ideas to make Epson printer online?

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Get Epson Printer Online -

To get Epson printer online, have a look at these quick solutions that are mentioned here -

Check Physical Connection

If your Epson printer is showing offline then it might be possible that there exist communication issues. So make sure USB cables are firmly attached to both ends. If possible then replace the USB cable with the new one.

Set the Epson printer to online manually

If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 -

  • Go to Start > Settings> Devices> Printers and Scanners.
  • Press right click on your Epson printer and then choose the option “See what is printing”.
  • Now, a window will pop-up, just choose “Printer” from the top-side.
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, select the option “Use Printer Online”.

Cancel all pending printing jobs -

  • To cancel all printing jobs, press right-click on “Epson printer” icon and then choose the option “See what is printing”.
  • To remove present print jobs, select Cancel button and then choose “Use Printer Online again”. If still, the problem continues, just restart your Epson printer and system.

Reinstall Epson Printer -

  • Navigate to Start > Settings> Devices> Settings & Printers.
  • Next, choose Epson Printer from the list and then choose the option “Remove Device”.
  • Open Epson printer official website and download the latest printer driver as per your model.
    At last, reinstall the printer.

Remove Epson Printer Drivers and Packages -

  • For removing printer drivers and packages, you need to login to the user account with admin privileges.
  • Next, navigate to Start > All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt.
  • In the Command Prompt window, you have to type “printui/s/t2” and then press Enter.
  • Now Print Properties Window will open on the desktop.
  • Go to the list and then remove the drivers and package for your printer. At last, reinstall your Epson printer using “Add a printer” option.

Disable Use Epson Printer Offline feature -

  • Press Windows and R key simultaneously to invoke Run box.
  • Type “control” in the Run box and hit Enter.
  • Next, tap on “Devices and Printers”.
  • Choose your printer from the displaying option and then press right click on it. Next, choose the option i.e., “See what’s printing”.
  • After this, tap on Printer and confirm that there is no “√ ” before the option “Use Printer Offline”. Again click on Printer and press a click on the checkbox that is next to “Set as Default Printer”. Close the window.

I hope after going through above troubleshooting measures you will be able to get Epson printer online. In case, you still have any query or issue then please drop a message here I will definitely provide you a positive response.

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