How Should one Address Errors in the Windows Event Log?

I started getting the following error on 11/1/2018. (Obviously some of the data is specific to the date and time the error was generated.) 60 of these were generated in one day; the computer had not been rebooted in several days. MTDLL: [2018/11/01 17:09:23.579]: [00012336]: Error GetInkSupplyType Send ( ErrCode == 5 ) I was unsuccessful in finding anything on the web [including the Brother support web page for the HL-L2350[ that addressed this, so contacted Brother printer support for the specific printer. The support representative insisted on checking the printer first, which was not having any problems and did not display an error code. She then said that since I wasn't having any problem printing and there was no error message on the printer, that there wasn't an issue to address. LOL! I voiced my suspicion that these errors were generated by a background process associated with the Brother "Refresh" program, which I hadn't signed up for. A background process named BrStMonW was running (the Brother Status Monitor), and the agent could only suggest that since that process was evidently the source of my issue that I disable it in Task Manager / Startup. (!!!) I still suspect an error in an edge case in the monitoring task, but that's just me. I did suggest to the agent that she indicate up the line that someone might check how that piece of software behaved when a user had NOT signed up for "Refresh", but I doubt that had any impact. So, if you see an error in Event Log that looks like this, try disabling the process and see if that fixes things. Good luck!!

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Error Getinksupplytype Send

We are working on this issue of Brother error getinksupplytype send ( errcode == 5 ) for better solution.

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