How Can I Make Homemade Printer Ink?

Hello, Anybody suggest me that how would make a home made printer Ink. i am trying for it but i can't success . Help me to make homemade Ink.

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How to Make Homemade Printer Ink:

It is possible for a person to make a black printer ink at home. The procedure for making homemade printer ink is very simple and easy. It is a cheap way of creating printer ink and one enjoys a lot while making ink. The procedure of creating homemade ink can be a very interesting experience for you if you are a lover of stamping or scrapbooking.

We all know that black printer ink is easily available in the markets but you should still try to make printer ink on your own. You can gain a lot of financial benefits by making printer ink at home.

Black printer ink is the ink that we require for daily use. A large number of cartridges get filled with it on a daily basis. People spend heavy amounts of money on purchasing the same. If you are also one of the daily users of black printer ink, then you must try to save your money by making homemade printer ink.

The Steps That You Need to Follow for Making the Homemade Printer Ink Are:

Step 1:- Firstly, you require a container to make printer ink at home. Please ensure that the lid of your container gets tightly closed. It is important for you to close the cap of the container very tightly. Try using a plastic container as it does not break easily.

Step 2:- After that, you require 8 oz of honey that you can mix together with an egg yolk. Another ingredient that you need to add in it is gum arabic. Now, take a candle and light it. Then, take a plate and place it over the lighted candle.

Step 3:- Then, you will observe that a black greasy substance is forming up on the bottom of your plate.

Step 4:- Now in the process to make printer ink, use the honey mixture for collecting the black substance deposited on the bottom of the plate. It becomes very easy to collect the deposited substance if you try to take it off by using honey mixture.

Step 5:- In the next step to make homemade printer ink, mix black grease in the mixture of honey, gum arabic, and egg yolk.

Step 6:- Now, add some water into the mixture so that it becomes smooth when you mix it. You need to blend the mixture properly so that a smooth ink starts forming up. Please ensure that there isn’t any kind of lump in the mixture that you make.

You can use an electronic blender for making the mixture. Now, the mixture that is formed in front of you is what you can call a black ink. Store this black ink in a container and tightly cover the container using a cap.

Step 7:- In case, you wish to make a blue homemade printer ink, then you will require laundry bluing as an important ingredient for making the ink. You can easily buy laundry bluing from any store that sells laundry detergent.

Now, in the same container add the laundry bluing. In order to bring an intense color, you can add some water to it.

It is not hard to make printer ink at home. You don’t even require fancy ingredients for the preparation of ink. You can obtain source carbon by placing a plate over a lighted candle. Now, in order to liquidate the substance, just add some water in it. If you don’t do so, then the printer will not be able to use it in a proper manner.

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