How to Check Brother Printer IP Address?

I am facing some issue while checking brother printer ip address. I am not able to find it on my Brother printer. Help me.

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Check Brother Printer IP Address

If you want to know or check the IP address of your brother's printer, then you have three different methods to do that. You can check the IP address by using the printer setting tool, checking the network settings, and printing a configuration report. Here is how you can check the network settings through the control panel and find the IP address of your brother's printer.

First, you have to navigate to the "control panel," choose the Network and Internet option, select Network and Sharing Center, and then change adapter settings, select the "local area connection," or you can also select "wireless network connection." Lastly, choose the "details" option, and you will be able to view the IP address on your printer.

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What is your Brother Printer IP Address?

An IP address is recognized as a distinctive identification number given to the device when it is required to be connected. An IP address of a printer is essential because it gives instructions to a computer that help it find the printer on the network.

How to find the IP address of your Brother printer is explained in this post. For the QL-720NW and QL-810W, there are two alternative approaches, and for the QL-820NWB, there is a third approach. Please use the right procedure for your printer model.

There is a different approach to checking an IP address for their QL-820NWB Model. Below, we've described different methods for checking the IP address of a Brother printer for different models and on different operating systems.

How to Check Brother Printer IP Address For Windows 10 Users?

Step 1: Launch the Start menu and then go to the option of All apps.

Step 2: After that, select Windows system.

Step 3: And then open the command prompt then Type ipconfig.

For Windows 8 Users

  • Go to the Start screen and then click on the down arrow. In case the dows arrow does not show up on the Start screen, then right-click on the apps given at the bar.
  • After that, select Command Prompt.
  • Select Start and then go to All Programs. Then, go to Accessories and then finally open Command Prompt.
  • Type ipconfig

For Mac Users to Find Brother Printer IP Address

Below are the steps that you need to follow to check the IP address of your Mac.

Step 1: Go to your Apple menu and then select System Preferences.

Step 2: Select Network.

Step 3: Now, click on the option of Advanced.

Step 4: Select IP or TCP and then check the Subnet mask or IPv4 address.

How to find Brother Printer's IP address on Printer?

Some Brother printers are network-ready. On such devices, you can check the IP address by opening the control panel. Alternatively, you have a choice to print the report page which is also called the Network configuration or the Users Settings page. You can also get detailed information about this through the Network User's guide, which can be accessed through the Manuals section. To find your Brother printer's IP address using Control Panel, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Power on your printer machine and ensure that is connected to the network that your PC is connected to.

Step 2: Go to the Control Panel and then select Settings.

Step 3: There, you need to find the Network Settings option.

Step 4: In that menu, you are going to find the IP address.

After checking the IP address of your printer, you need to ensure that it is on the same segmentation as your PC. Please check the following things.

  • The highlighted address needs to be the same. Computer IP address: and Printer's IP address:

  • The ending numeric values are different and unique to your PC and printer. This value ranges between 2 and 254.

  • All the addresses of connected devices are distinct.

How to Check Your Brother Printer's IP Address?

In case your Brother printer machine was bought Network ready, then one can get to know the IP address by going to the control panel of your machine. You can go to the Network configuration or User Settings list and print the report page. If you wish to get more details on how to obtain the IP address of your printer machine on the Control Panel.

Once you are done checking the IP address of your printer machine and computer system, then you need to see if they both lie rightly in the same segmentation. See if the points given below are applicable to the IP address of your computer system and printer machine.

1) The bold numbers of the IP address should be the same in both the PC and Brother printer.

  • Computer IP address:
  • Brother printer IP address:

2) The last number is not the same and is unique for every single device and it lies between 2-254.

3) The IP address of every device connected to your network is unique.

FAQs of Check Brother Printer IP Address

Q1. How to check the printer's IP address?

Ans: If you wish to check the IP address of your Brother printer, then you can do so by opening the printer's control panel. Mac users can open Network Utility and Windows users can check it by opening Command Prompt. To get more details, read the article above.

Q2. Does my Brother printer have its own IP address?

Ans: Yes, Brother Printer has its own IP address.

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