How to Fix Brother Printer Head Alignment Not Working?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Brother printer head alignment not working. I am facing this printer head alignment not working issue while printing. Please help me.

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Answer - 1

Solution for Brother Printer Alignment not Working:

In order to know if the brother printer alignment is working properly or not, then you have opened up the right link as we are available with the right solution for you. There are four color prints that you need to clean. If you adjust the vertical alignment, then the quality will also improve.

To find out if one needs to set the alignment and to know which printhead is required to be cleaned, it is important for you to print the print quality check sheet. Along with that you need to print the alignment check sheet to solve the issue of Brother printer head alignment not working.

Instructions for the Same are Mentioned Below:

  • Blurred or faded text
  • Blank text
  • Faded or blurred images

Given Below are the Guidelines That One Needs to Follow in Order to Resolve Brother Printer Alignment Problem.

  • If the printout taken by you has horizontal lines in the middle of the graphics or text or some of the text is missing. Some of the nozzles are clogged and must be cleaned immediately.

  • If the page that you have printed has blurred images or text, then you may have to adjust the print alignment.

Solution 1 : Clean Brother Printhead and Check the Print Quality:

  • To solve the issue of Brother printer alignment not working, take a printout of the check sheet of the print quality.
  • Now, carefully take a look at the print quality check sheet. All the four colors will be displayed in slanted color pattern with individual blocks. The colors should appear in a proper order starting from left to right that is Black-Yellow-Cyan-Magenta.
  • Compare the quality of the print in the check sheet with the examples that are given below.
  • There is a chance that one or some of the other color blocks are missing.
  • A few parts of the short diagonal lines have gone missing from one or more color blocks.
  • Then a question will appear on your screen asking you whether the print quality for black is fine or not. Press 2 or down arrow key in case you have any issue with the black colour.
  • Then the display will ask you questions regarding the print quality of the colors. In case you have any problem, then you can press the down arrow key.
  • The display is then going to show up start cleaning. In order to start the cleaning process, you need to press 1 or the up arrow key.
  • Once the machine is done cleaning the printhead, then you need to press colour start. After that, one more print quality check sheet is going to be printed.
  • Repeat the same process of quality check and printing.
  • Now to solve the issue of Brother printer head alignment not working, you must compare the second as well as the third print quality check sheet with the first one.

  • Press exit or stop button.

Solution 2 : Check Brother Alignment of the Printed Document.

  • To solve the problem of Brother printer alignment reset, press the ink management or the ink key by going to the control panel.
  • Press the up and down arrow for selecting the test print.
  • Again, press the up and down arrow for selecting the alignment.
  • Now to solve the issue of Brother printer head alignment not working, press the color start or black mono and the machine will begin to print the alignment check page.
  • Just take a look at the check sheet and you will be able to know whether the alignment requires any kind of adjustment or not.
  • Check the 1200 DPL and 600 DPL test prints on the alignment check sheet. If the 5th sample matches the 0 samples, then you need to press 1 or UP ARROW key for selecting Yes.
  • In case the other samples better match the zero sample, then you can choose the sample that matches the zero sample the most.
  • Press exit or stop.
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