How to Clean an Epson Inkjet Printhead?

Hi, I am using Epson printer last 1 year. But now having some problem with epson inkjet printhead. I don't have any idea how i clean epson inkjet printhead. Please give me any idea.

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Clean an Epson Inkjet Printhead:

If you feel that the printed copy that you are taking out of your printer has dots in it or the image is very unclear, then in such a case, the problem can get solved by Epson Inkjet printhead cleaning. It makes sure that the ink is delivered by the nozzles in a proper manner.

Epson inkjet printhead can be cleaned by using the utility of head cleaning in your printer software. You can also use the control panel buttons of your printer for the cleaning purpose.

Points to Remember : 

  • There is some ink required in print head cleaning in order to prevent wastage of ink. You must only clean the printhead in cases where the color in the printout is missing or blurry.
  • Make use of the Nozzle head utility to check whether the printer head is required to be cleaned or not.
  • In case, the ink out light is turned on the laser printer head, then you must not clean the Epson Inkjet Printhead.

How to Use the Head Cleaning Utility for Windows?

These are Some of the Steps That One is Required to Follow for Cleaning the Epson Inkjet Printhead.

Step 1 : First of all, you need to ensure that the ink out light is not and the printer is on.

Step 2 : Now, get an access to the printer software

Step 3 : Go to the utility tab and click on the button of head cleaning to clean Epson Inkjet Printhead.

Step 4 : The ink light and the power light is going to flash during the cleaning process.

Step 5 : In case, the power light does not flash anymore, then you must go to the dialog box of head cleaning and click on the option of Print Nozzle check pattern. This way, you will be able to get the confirmation that the head is properly cleaned up.

Step 6 : By any chance if the nozzle check does not properly print, then you may require to do the head cleaning once again.

Step 7 : If the quality of the print does not get better after following the same procedure at least 5 times, then you must turn off your printer and not use it for the next 8 hours.

Step 8 : If there is still some issue with the ink quality, then that may be because the ink cartridge is damaged or old.

How to Use the Head Cleaning Utility for Macintosh?

In case, you are a Macintosh user, then this is the procedure that you will have to follow to clean Epson Inkjet Printhead.

Step 1 : Please ensure that the printer light is on and ink out light is off.

Step 2 : Go to the utility icon and then click on it. Now, get an access of the page setup dialog box.

Step 3 : Rest of the steps are same like Windows.

So, these are the processes that you will need to follow in order to clean the Epson inkjet printhead.

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