How to Clean Epson C82 Print Head?

I have a Epson C82 printer at home and this has been my default printer for over a period of 6 months. I am a heavy user and have to change the cartridge every 3 months. recently my printer stopped working and going through the troubleshooting made me realise that my printhead has been jammed due to excess use. I am not aware of the hardware parts and do not know how to clean the print head manually. Can anyone from here tell me how to do so?

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  • lay  3 years ago
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Clean Epson C82 Printer Print Head:

To clean Epson C82 printer print heads, just go through these steps -

Step 1: First of all, turn on your printer and make sure that no print jobs are printing. If the ink light that is located on the front of the printer is flashing then you have to replace the cartridge.

Step 2: Also, confirm that there are sufficient papers in the Epson printer’s paper tray.

Step 3: To check the list of all installed devices, click on Start >Devices & Printers. Now you have to press double click on Epson printer. To open Printing Preferences dialog box, just press double click on “Adjust print options”.

Step 4: After this, choose the Maintenance tab and then click on “Head Cleaning”. Although you can also press right-click on the printer icon that is located in the system tray and then choose the “Head Cleaning” option.

Step 5: Now you are prompted to start cleaning service.

Step 6: Wait for a couple of moments so that the head cleaning process can complete. If you turn off your printer during the cleaning process then it can permanently damage your printer.

During the cleaning process, the printer’s power light will flash. Once the cleaning process gets complete, the power light will stop blinking.

Step 7: Next, tap on the “Print nozzle check pattern” option. After this, click on Print. Now your Epson C82 printer will print a series of staggered lines.

Now review the nozzle check pattern sheet that is printed. If you are seeing solid lines in the pattern then you should understand cleaning was successfully completed. If there are gaps in the pattern then you have to run the print head cleaning process again.

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