How to Fix Epson Compatible Ink Cartridge Errors?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Epson compatible ink cartridge errors. I am facing some issue while printing. Help me.

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Fix Epson Compatible Ink Cartridge Errors:

Are you also troubled by Epson compatible ink cartridges problems? If yes, then you have made the right choice by opening up this link. As we all know that there is a heated argument going on between third party ink cartridge manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers.

The OEMs heavily rely on the profits that they get from the cartridges as they sell their printer devices at a loss. That is why there is a difference between OEM ink cartridges and third-party ink cartridges.

Nowadays people have started to buy compatible ink cartridges for saving money. OEM has come up with a new technology that can block the use of compatible ink cartridges in the printer. So far this technology can only prevent ink cartridges from being used but recently it has been heard that it can block genuine ink cartridges as well.

The Epson company has not come up with a solution to fix this problem, which is why users are still in a fix. However, there are some things that you can try out that can help you overcome this problem.

Take Out the Ink Cartridge and Reinstall It-

Sometimes these Epson compatible ink cartridges problems arise because of improper installation of the cartridge. This does not mean that there is some kind of issue with the software.

This means that the cartridges did not click the way they should have clicked. Therefore the best way to fix this problem is to reinstall the ink cartridges.

Clean the Chip on the Ink Cartridge

In case the previous solution does not work out for you, then you can take a look at the chip on the Epson compatible ink cartridge. There are two reasons why the concept of chips has been introduced on the cartridges by OEM.

The first reason was for the printer monitor to display the level of ink in the cartridges and the other reason was to make it difficult for the imitators to manufacture compatible ink cartridges.

Clean the Contact Wire on Your Printer

The contact wire of the printer is the wire that is connected to the chip on the ink cartridge. There is a chance that the compatible ink cartridge error is arising because of the dirty contact wires.

The contact wires are a lot more delicate and sensitive in comparison to the chip on the cartridge. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to check whether they are properly placed in their place or not. In case it has been pulled out, then you must reconnect it. In case putting them in their original position does not work out for you, then you can hire services from the experts.

If the contact wire is in its place, then you must try to clean the contact wire and make sure that it is dirt free. Just clean it the way you cleaned the chip on your ink tank.

Poor Print Quality

In case your Epson ink cartridges not recognized the error and instead you come across print quality issues, then you must not worry. This kind of issue generally arises when the printhead of your printer is not cleaned. This error is generally faced by those people whose printer's cartridges require replacement but they postpone it for a while.

As a result, the ink that is there in the print head already coagulates as no new ink gets added. Don't fret as this problem can be fixed by applying a very simple solution. To fix this Epson ink cartridge not recognized problem, you need to use the inbuilt cleaning feature of the printhead.

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