How to Fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error Code?

Hello, Please let me know me know that how to fix Epson printer carriage jam error code. I am facing this carriage jam error in Epson printer. Give me any idea about that.

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Fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error Code Issue :

Do you know everything about Epson carriage jam? Probably, no! Epson Printers are a perfect solution for your business and home-related printing needs. The compact and easily portable features of these printers make it home-friendly for users. These printers come with a number of system attachments and printer emulations, allowing you to work efficiently in multi-computing environments.

Now when this Carriage jam error occurs, the carriage gets completely stuck creating a grinding noise inside the printing machine because of the actuator arm which is stuck inside preventing the carriage from moving. If in case this actuator arm is destroyed then it restricts the printer’s carriage from moving speedily and effectively.

Various Issues That You Get with Your Printer in Case of a Carriage Jam have been Discussed Below:

Step 1: Resolve Hardware Issues

  • Are you getting a carriage jam message upon turning on the printer? In most of the cases, you might come across with a ‘carriages jam’ error on your Epson Printer when you turn it on with no task running in progress.
  • The second step involves checking for any paper pieces that are stuck inside the carriage. If there are such paper debris, remove off those trapped papers carefully and ensure that no paper is torn off while taking out because a little bit of paper can easily damage the delicate lining of the product when further used for printing.
  • Now, turn off the Epson printer and open the cover to reveal the carriage assembly. Check whether there are any papers stuck inside the machine or not. For this, you have to manually move the carriage to the opposite side so as to check for any paper path. Once you find the path, remove any stuck paper over the path.
  • Finally, reconnect the power cord of the printer device followed by turning on the printer.

Step 2: Check for Defective hardware

  • Defective hardware is also one of the major contributors in causing the printer carriage jam issue which includes paper feed roller problems and the fuser unit issues as well. Whenever the paper feed rollers wear out, then multiple sheets of paper get stuck inside the roller. Hence, this results in a paper jam.
  • In the case of laser printers, the fuser unit hardware errors are most common. The fuser unit causes heating in the printer toner and further fuses it to the page. The heat and pressure involved lead fuser unit to the failure point.
  • Further, check the hardware issues which have to be resolved instantly so as to avoid all the carriage jam future problems.

After you have followed the given procedures, dry run your printer and print a sample document to check whether the carriage jam issues are resolved or not.

Epson printer carriage is an assembly section where the ink cartridges are held together and you can slide this back and forth in order to transfer ink onto the printing paper. In most of the cases, paper jams are responsible for causing carriage jams, especially when you are printing on thicker paper like an envelope.

An Epson Printer Carriage jam Error Code is a printer issue related to the carriage that holds the ink cartridges in a section. Previous printing errors such as paper jam or a foreign object stuck during a printing session result in a carriage jam error.

Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error Code can be a consequence of multiple issues such as obstructions in the carriage path of the printer, a paper jamming issues, and technical issues encountered with the printer’s software installed on the attached device such as PC, laptop or etc.

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