How to Fix Epson Printer does not Recognize Refillable?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Epson printer does not recognize refillable. I am facing some issue while printing with Epson printer. Help me.

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Epson Printer Does not Recognize Refillable:

If you are looking forward to knowing how to fix the problem of Epson Printer does not recognize refillable, then you have opened up the right page. Here, you will learn to create a strategy to tackle the refilling issue of Epson printer.

Presently, the refill industry is going through some developmental progress. Some cartridges can be refilled and some are used as resetters. Take a look below and learn about different ways to fix the problem of Epson printer does not recognize refillable cartridges.

Methods to Fix Epson Printer does not Recognize Refillable Cartridges.

1) Chip Re-setter

This printer error can also occur because of bad cartridge chip. When you use a re-setter the page count becomes zero. The chip re-setter only works when there is 15% of the ink remaining. When there is low ink in the cartridge, we take it out and place it on this chip.

The LED light is going to flash a couple of times and then you will see a green light, which states that the reset is successful. Then, you can do the cartridge refilling. The chip re-setter refilles both original as well as local cartridges.

2) Use auto reset chip to refill cartridges

Every refillable cartridge has a hole on its top. The process to refill the ink is quite easy. All you have to do is to disconnect the printer and then add ink. The chip does not reset on its own. It only resets when the page count reaches the least number.

  • If you are receiving low ink warnings, the chip is not going to reset. The automatic chip reset will only happen when ink levels are very low. If you are able to print even after receiving print warnings, then you should continue to print.
  • Even after the reset is done, the printer will still display cannot detect cartridge error as no new cartridge has been installed. To resolve this issue, you need to go to the control panel and choose the option of "replace the cartridge". Then, you need to open the covers and check the ink levels.
  • In case the cartridge requires ink, then refill the tank. Or else, just close the door. When you will be done with this, your device will display a cartridge full of ink.

3) Continuous ink system

These chips are a lot like refillable cartridges. As per this ink system, the cartridges are supplied with tubes. As per this system, the ink is added to external tanks and you don't need to pull out the cartridges.

Also when pushed, the button cuts off the chip's power for some seconds. As a result, printer gets a message that the cartridges have been replaced.

Points to Remember-

  1. Please make sure that the cartridge chips are not covered with dirt or ink smear.
  2. Also, you need to ensure that the contact pin of the printer is clean and free of dirt.
  3. Another thing that you need to ensure is that the cartridge is securely placed in the printer.
  4. Push down the cartridge until you hear a click sound. Once the cartridge placed inside the printer, then you can move it back and forth. In case you find that the cartridge is loose, then place the folded paper at the back and then further press the cartridge to have a better contact with the printer.
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