How to Fix Epson Printer Error E-01?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Epson printer error e-01. When i am trying to print with this printer then they causing e-01 error code on Epson printer. I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Fix Epson Printer Error E-01:

Grappling with print repair matter? Looking for techniques to fix the Epson error code E-01? If you are not a technical person and do not have much budget to call an expert then just go through this blog. In this, I will provide you some easy methods to fix Epson Printer Error E-01.

Before we jump to the methods to fix the error. It is really important to know about Epson error e 01 and the reason behind it. So let’s start with its definition.

Epson E-01 Error Code

Epson printer is one of the most popular brands of the printer and is also highly recommended by the technical expert to the students/employees in the office, home, and school. These printers are highly used because of the cutting-edge technology, great performance, reliability, and versatile nature.

The best part about this printer is that it is not only used for printing purposes but also for scanning and printing the photos. It delivers photos with amazing qualities. But it may interrupt with some fatal error and the Epson E-01 error code is one of them.

What Is Epson Printer Error E-01?

Epson printer E 01 error code is one of the fatal errors and is also mentioned in the printer manual. This means that it has not cleared its self-test. Whenever you turn the printer on, it checks all the components of the system. The error comes into the notice only after itself starts the process.

Reason To Fix Epson Printer Error E-01

After some time the printer will lose its endurance. The popping up of the error message is the way through which the user gets to know that internal application is not in good working condition. Excessive use of the printer will reduce its productivity.

If you face such Epson error e 01 then the following may be the factors responsible for it.

  • The position of the CD tray is not right.
  • Tangles wire may supply the proper power to the printer which will obstruct the self start the process.
  • The locking printer transportation breaks down. When the lock of the printer is not in the right position then also the error is encountered.
  • Obsolete in the printer driver.
  • Installation of CISS in the printer.

Methodologies To Fix Epson Printer Error E-01

If you face an error then follow the below-given steps to fix the Epson printer error e 01.

Check the Connectivity of the power

The time when you face the Epson error 01 makes sure there is no power connection at that time. And turn your printer off at least for 5 mins. After that turn it on. Check that there is no transportation lock in it.

Review the initialize process of the printer. Also, take care that you have a secure socket of the power supply so that there is no tangle among wire.

Inspect the loading area of the CISS and Cartridge

If you have installed CISS in your printer then try to check whether the cartridge of the printer is moving swiftly from left to right and vice versa. Moment of the cartridge may be restricted by the ink tubes.

It is always advised by an expert to use authenticate cartridge to print. Make sure that you install CISS properly. Always keep a gap of 1 inch in between the cartridge and its loading area.

Run your system in safe mode

Try to run your system in safe mode and suspect that it is still showing the error message. Move further to get support. You can do this by checking out the other solution to fix the error. You should even check internet connectivity and mode of wifi.

The above steps will help you to fix Epson Printer Error E-01 successfully.

Some Tips To Protect Your Epson Printer From Error E-01 Code

The following are some of the ways which will help you to keep the error E-01 away.

  • Clean your printer from time to time and use the original component of it.
  • Protect your Epson printer with the use of software programs.
  • Make sure that there is no obstacle between the tray and the scanner.

There are many more tips but I have explained the important one.


In this blog, I have provided you all important information related to the Error E-01 and also some ways to fix Epson Printer Error E-01. The best part of the above-mentioned methods is that it can be used by novice users as well. I hope this turns out to be beneficial to you.

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