How to Install Epson Expression XP 640 XL Printer Ink?

Hello, Please tell me about how to install Epson expression xp 640 xl printer ink. I don't know about this how to install ink in Epson expression xp 640 xl printer. Please help me.


Install Epson XP-640 Printer Ink:

epson xp-640 printer ink

Please ensure that there are replacement cartridges in your hand before you move forward. Remove the old cartridges and install the new cartridges.

You must leave the old cartridges in the printer only, so that the printhead nozzles don’t start drying up. Don’t open the package of ink cartridges before you get ready for installing the ink. Cartridges are packed in vacuum so that its reliability remains.

Step 1 : To install epson expression xp 640 xl printer ink, turn off the printer

Step 2 : Lift the unit of scanner

epson xp-640 printer ink

Don’t use your hand for moving the printhead as there are chances that the product may get damaged. Do not touch the white colored cable that is flat shaped inside your printer.

Step 3 : Now to install epson expression xp 640 xl printer ink, press the button of stop.

epson xp-640 printer ink

In case your cartridge is expanded or low, then the printhead will start moving the cartridge in the indicator position. Press the button of stop once again to see if the cartridges are expended or low. Once you have identified all the cartridges, then your printhead will start moving to the replacement position.

In case the cartridges are expended or low, then the printhead will automatically move the cartridge to the indicator position. If you wish to replace the cartridges before they are expended or low, then press the button of stop for the next 6 seconds. The printhead will start moving towards the replacement position.

Step 4 : In the next step to install epson expression xp 640 xl printer ink, queeze the cartridge’s tab and lift it upwards for removing it.

epson xp-640 ink cartridge replacement

Caution: Carefully, dispose off your cartridges. Do not keep the used cartridges inside or you can fill them up.

Warning: In case the ink drops on your skin, then you must wash that area of your skin carefully and wash it using soap and water. If it accidentally gets into your eyes, then clean them using water. If it goes into your mouth, then you must spit it out and immediately see a doctor. Keep these ink cartridges away from your children.

Step 5 : Before opening up a new cartridge package and shake it properly for at least 4 to 5 times.

epson 640 printer ink

Caution: Don’t shake the cartridges once you have opened up the packages.

Step 6 : Now to install epson expression xp 640 xl printer ink, take out the cartridge from the package. Do not touch the green chip on your cartridge. Now, install the new cartridge, once you have removed the old one. If you do not follow this step, then print head will dry and will not be able to print.

epson xp-640 cartridges

Step 7 : Take off the yellow tape from the side of the cartridge.

epson xp-640 cartridges

Caution: Don’t take off the seals or labels or else the ink will start leaking.

Step 8 : Put the new cartridge in the holder and push it downwards so that it clicks into the right place.

epson xp-640 ink

Step 9 : Lower the unit of your scanner.

epson xp-640 ink

Step 10 : Now, press the button of stop. The print head will come back to its home position and the ink will start charging. This is going to take around 1-2 minutes after the ink cartridge has been replaced. Once the power light quits flashing and gets turned on permanently, then the ink charging will be completed.

So, these are the steps that one needs to follow in order to install Epson xp-640 printer ink.

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How to Install Epson Expression XP 640 XL Printer Ink?

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