How to Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges?

Is there anyone who knows about how to make an Epson printer recognize clone cartridges? I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges:

Manufacturers of printers like Epson make relatively little profit from the printer itself but can make a great deal from selling ink cartridges afterwards. Although support pages of Epson sniff that their products are designed to use only genuine Epson branded print cartridges, there are thriving industries that revolve around producing low-priced ink for budget-conscious users. Despite this, aftermarket cartridges usually work on the  Epson printers but you definitely have to try a couple of workarounds and follow a stepwise process.

Clones versus Remanufactured / Refilled

There are three different ways to save money on your ink refills-

  • One way is by saving your own original Epson cartridges and taking them to a shop that offers refilling services.
  • The second one is to purchase manufactured cartridges from a local supplier and recycle your empties. These are the original cartridges that can be of high quality and have been refilled in high volume factories.
  • The third option is the clone cartridges that are manufactured extensively to replace original Epson cartridges. Although their quality is highly variable and you lose the environmental benefit of recycling, they are popular because of their low price.

Clone Cartridges

Clone cartridge is a sort of outsider ink cartridge that uses an indistinguishable chip to the first ink cartridge since unique cartridges are progressively costly. For this reason, individuals purchase clone cartridges to set aside cash. 

But sometimes the Epson printers do not perceive the clone ink cartridge after you introduce it. If this happens then there will be a message that says “An ink cartridge cannot be recognised”, then you need to disable the Epson printer screen.

Step 1: Power on the printer and open the control panel cover or the cartridge cover on the Epson printer according to the direction in the user manual or guide and then wait for the cartridge cradle to slide to the centre of the chassis so you can access it.

Step 2: Reinsert the clone cartridge in the cartridge cradle after removing the clone cartridge, close the cover, and wait a few seconds for the printer to cycle the cartridges.

Step 3: Attempt to print a document from the windows application by opening it. The document should print normally if the warning message is a result of a loose cartridge or one not seated properly.

Step 4: Right-click an open area on the start screen and click on the “all apps” icon in the lower-left corner where you need to further click on the link for the “Epson print utility” or “Epson status monitor”.

Step 5: In the Epson print application, click the “maintenance” tab followed by the “speed and progress” button.

Step 6: To place a check mark inside it click the checkbox next to the “disable Epson status monitor” option and then click on the “ok” button and then finally close the Epson print application.

Step 7: Open a windows application and print a document from it as the Epson status monitor prints the document normally and no longer displays a warning message.

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