How To Refill Epson 288 Ink Cartridges?

Hello, Please let me know that how To refill Epson 288 ink cartridges. I am facing some issues in this while refilling ink. Help me.

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Refill Epson 288 Ink Cartridges:

D you have an Epson 288 printer that requires cartridge refilling? If yes, then this guide will tell you all about how to refill Epson 288 ink cartridges.

Before you continue with the steps, get a cartridge that you can refill as it has an auto-reset chip that is going to reset on its own. Moreover, they have inbuilt refill ports which makes them a lot easier to refill in comparison to other cartridges.

Follow These Easy Steps to Refill Epson 288 Ink Cartridges

Step 1: Seal the hole that is at the base of the ink tank using tape. Cover the holes of the cartridge by placing the tape on them.

Step 2: Make a small hole on the button.

Step 3: Take a syringe snd to fill it halfway and put it in the hole.

Step 4: Use a hot blue gun in the center of the syringe and needle. This will make the cartridge airtight.

Step 5: Move the syringe upwards and all the air in the cartridge will start forming bubbles.

Step 6: Leave the syringe and ink will go into the cartridge. perform the same process again and again until the cartridge is completely refilled. Now, take a hot blue gun and seal the hole.

Step 7: Perform these steps to fill all the colors. Put the tape on top of the cartridge, so that it puts a cover on each hole.

Step 8: Reinstall your printer and perform the cleaning cycles until the moment the cartridge begins to print.

An Alternate Way to Refill Epson 288 Ink Cartridges

To begin with, the process to refill the ink cartridges, you need to use a chip resetter to reset the chips. Make a hole on top of the push button. Fill the ink in the syringe by adding a needle to the syringe. Place the needle inside the hole. Make sure that the needle reaches the end of the cartridge.

Now slowly start to fill ink in the cartridge. Don't let the ink overflow. Stop when the ink reaches the maximum capacity. Perform these steps again to refill all the colors. Run one or two cleaning cycles so that it starts to print properly.

So, these are the two ways about how to refill Epson 288 ink cartridges.

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