How to Repair Epson XP 400 Printer Problem?

Hello, Please let me know that how to repair Epson xp 400 printer problem. I am facing some issue in Epson printer while printing. Help me.

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Epson XP-400 Troubleshooting -

Epson XP 400 printer comes with 19 prints per minute on black and white print and 10 prints per minute for color printing. Epson XP printer supports window 8 to window 10 operating system. It also supports window server system for all versions. Epson xp 400 printer works on precision Core 2S print head 4-Color inkjet technology.

As we know that, Epson XP inkjet product has finite life due to its component, at some point, Epson printer reaches at condition, where print quality might not satisfactory. User some time faces printing issue which is commonly known as Epson xp 400. This error comes generally in your printer ink pad when your printer life is going to end. This kind of error generally comes with an error message and red light blinking that showing that your printer is facing Epson xp 400 problems.

There are Few Steps by Adopting You can Repair Epson XP 400 Printer Problem:

As we know that Epson xp 400 problem is related with your ink pad, which is responsible to collect the entire waste link. When you use your printer and send printing command to your printer, so this ink pad is responsible to absorbing waste link or excess link, To overcome this problem, you need to clean your ink pad time by time, if you do not so and it reaches on its highest level, then you will get some warning signals and stop working eventually.

The waste ink pads are generally a sponge pad, which soak up inks and absorbs and collect the waste link or unused link. Cleaning the printing head is one of the best ways to help keep running your printer smoothly?

  • Epson technical support team also provide some list of steps that user can follow this own way and get rid of this printer problem.
  • Firstly, the Epson printer should be connected with your computer via USB cable.
  • The printer need some time to heat up itself to work in proper way.
  • The necessary software should be installed, if software update is required, you need to update driver/ software.
  • Now you need to check counters so one should need to click on read waste counter then perform through check of page counter of the Epson printer.
  • The read waste counter will responsible to complete the whole process.
  • On the next step, user has to click on the reset key and click on OK to reset printer’s page counter afterward and then you need to click on ok after completion of this processes.
  • Machine need to turn off and clean the waste ink pad.
  • Now you can turn on your printer.

After adopting the above steps, you can troubleshoot Epson xp 400 printer problem, but if you are still facing this error issue, you are advised to call the technical support executive to resolve your issue Epson xp-400 not printing issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there other things user can do to work continue with Epson printer?

A: You can remove maintenance message temporarily on using maintenance reset utility features. This maintenance utility has some limitations like you can use this utility only one time and it will allow you to work with your Epson printer with short period of time. You can download maintenance utility when you are getting this kind of message on your computer

Note: This maintenance utility supports only window xp, window vista, window 7, window 8, window 10 or later version. If you are using earlier version, than you are not able to use this utility for your computer

Q: At which state user will start to get this error message?

A: Basically this depends on how many page you have printed out till time. Some time most user will not get this kind of message before they have replace your printer some reasons but some time user get this message due to long time uses of Epson printer

Q: This error message comes out due to which part of printers?

A: This message generally refers with your ink pads, which is responsible to absorb excess ink or waste ink, when this excess ink goes out of the limit, in that case you will get this kind of error.

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