How to Replace Epson 212 Ink Cartridges?

Please let me know that how to replace Epson 212 ink cartridges. I am not able to replacing ink. If anyone knows then help me.

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Replace Epson 212 Ink Cartridges:

Epson ink cartridges offer vibrant pictures and great ink quality text. Here in this guide, you will learn all the necessary information that you need to perform to replace Epson 212 ink cartridges. But before we move on to the steps for replacement, let's get to know more about 212 ink cartridges. 

Everything You Need to Know about Epson 212 Ink Cartridges

Epson 212 ink cartridges are known for their excellent printing performance. The ink dries quickly and prevents smudge and fade. It supports various Epson printer models such as Epson Expression Home XP-3105, XP-410. Also, it works with Epson Workforce models such as Epson Workforce WF-2830, WF-2810, WF-2850. 

Epson 212 ink cartridges have the capacity to print 150 black and color pages. If you only wish to print black pages, then it has the capacity to print 500 pages. In case you want to print color pages, then you can print 350 color pages using this cartridge. 

It has 3 color cartridges i.e., Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. Together with the black pigment, they provide high-quality print results with vibrant color and sharp text. 

How to Replace Epson Ink Cartridges? 

Below are the simple steps that you need to carry out to replace your Epson ink cartridges. 

Step 1: Power on your printer device and then lift the scanning unit.

Step 2: After that, press the "Stop" button on your printer. Now, the printhead will change the position of the empty ink cartridge. Repeat the same step for all the empty ink cartridges. Then, the printhead will move all the empty cartridges to the replacement position. 

Step 3: Squeeze the tab of your empty ink cartridge and then remove it from the slot. Remove all the empty cartridges. 

Step 4: Now, pick up your new Epson 212 ink cartridge and then shake it gently 4-5 times. Perform this step before opening the package. If you shake the cartridge after opening the package, then the ink may leak. 

Step 5: Remove the package from the cartridge. Now, install this new cartridge. 

Step 6: Before you install your cartridge, you need to remove the yellow tape covering the side of your cartridge. Place the cartridge in the vacant slot and then push it until it gets locked in its position. 

Step 7: Close the scanning unit and then press the Stop button. Now, the printhead will move towards the home position and then the printer will start charging the ink. This process is going to take a few minutes. 

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