How to Scan Using Epson Perfection v600 Photo Scanner?

Hello, Please let me know how to scan using Epson perfection v600 photo scanner. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

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  • lay  2 years ago
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Scan Using Epson Perfection v600 Photo Scanner

If you want to scan using an Epson perfection v600 photo scanner, then carry out the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, use a lint-free cloth to clean the dust deposited on the surface of your scanner.

Step 2: Now, turn on your scanner. Also, on your PC, open the Epson settings.

Step 3: There, you need to change the settings from Full auto to professional mode.

Step 4: After that, change the document type to reflective.

Step 5: Then, select the document table as a document scanner.

Step 6: Set photo as the auto exposure type. Then, choose 48 color as the image type.

Step 7: After that, select the resolution. If you are a photographer, then the most appropriate resolution would be 3200 DPI. If you wish to save space, then select 600 DPI.

Step 8: Select Preview and the basic scan will appear before you on the screen.

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