How to Setup Epson Printer on Windows 10?

Hello, I bought a new Epson printer, now want to connect my Epson printer to window 10.But i have no idea about that how can i connect Epson printer on window.

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Epson Printer Setup on Windows 10

Printers are right hand for the day to day solution in our daily life, office or home we all frequently use the printer for our personal and professional use. We need to understand the challenges faced when we are using printer as improper set up or technical glitch might lead to malfunction of the device.

Here, we shall understand to add Epson printer to windows 10. For quick troubleshoot follow the steps that would help you to fix your issues regarding how to connect Epson printer to windows 10.

Please Follow Below Guidelines for Epson Printer Setup on Windows 10:

Step 1 : Connect the printer and turn it ON after plugging into socket.

Step 2 : Make sure the printer is connected to device with operating system Windows 10.

Step 3 : Click on start option and go to control panel.

Step 4 : Click on devices and printers to add the printer.

Step 5 : Select the option with add a local printer or network with manual setting and continue next.

Step 6 : Select the port that would allow your system to sync information with printer.

Step 7 : Make sure to select tab Windows Update as it displays the updated

Epson printer list and selecting the correct version of your driver, prefer the latest or higher number of the driver version.

The selection of latest driver version would set up Epson Printer on windows 10.

Connectivity Issue Fix:

Sometimes printer might not work due to connecting errors when making a USB connection, kindly check the ports by clicking left click on printer and exploring properties.

Hence, these guides could help you to successful installation of Epson Printer on Windows 10. If there is still an issue you could also visit the Official Epson site webpage or contact helpline for further assistance.

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