How to Setup Epson Surecolor P5000 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Epson surecolor p5000 printer. I bought this Epson surecolor p5000 printer but don't know about it setting up. Give me any solution.

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Setup Epson Surecolor p5000 Printer:

Here are Some of the Instructions that You Need to Follow to Setup Epson Surecolor p5000 Printer:

Unpack Your Printer:

  1. Please ensure that you have all the items.
  2. Take out the tape from the front part of your printer.
  3. Lift the corner of your output tray and pull it out for dismantling it.
  4. Take out all the tapes and packing material from the output tray.
  5. Pull out the paper drawer and open the cover of your printer. Take out all the tape and material that is there in the product and then shut the top cover that you opened.
  6. Replace the output tray and paper drawer.
  7. Take out the tape covering the back of your printer.

Turn on Your Printer for Configuration:

  1. To setup Epson surecolor p5000 printer connect your printer’s main wire to the power source.
  2. Turn on your printer by pressing the power button.
  3. Select the ink set that is placed on the control panel of your printer.
  4. You cannot make any changes in the settings once the charging starts.
  5. Initialization is going to take a minute. It is recommended not to change the ink cartridges prior to the completion of the process.

Install Ink Cartridges:

Do ink charging using the ink cartridges, which came together with your printing device.

  1. Press the ink compartment covers that are present on the right and left side to open it.
  2. Take out the package material covering the ink compartments.
  3. Remove the covers from the ink cartridges. Now, shake the ink cartridges for at least 15 seconds.
  4. Place each of the ink tanks in their slots. Push them until they click.
  5. Close the ink compartments.
  6. The printer will charge the ink. This is going to take around 20 minutes. Don’t turn off your printer, load paper, open the covers for completing the process.

Load Paper:

Load sheets of equal size in the paper tray.

  1. Open the control panel and press the left arrow and down arrow button for selecting cut sheet. Now, select ok.
  2. Lift the output tray’s corner for removing it.
  3. Pull out the paper tray and remove it.
  4. Move the corner guides outward.
  5. Load the sheets in the tray with side to be printed facing downwards. Please ensure that the paper you have loaded fits the arrow on the left corner.
  6. Slide the corners up against the paper but not very tightly.
  7. Now, push the paper cassette gently inside the printer.
  8. Change the output tray and extend it for adjusting its paper size and length.

Roll Paper:

Based on roll paper’s core size, you will have to take out the core adapter to the spindle. If you want to do borderless printing, then you will have to install the spacer as well. Follow these steps for rolling the paper.

  1. Take off the paper stop from one end of your spindle to setup Epson surecolor p5000 printer
  2. Roll the paper in such a manner that you can place it in your spindle. Push the role to the end of your spindle.
  3. Once you have rolled the paper on the spindle, place the paper stop on your spindle.
  4. Please ensure that you have chosen the setting of paper role for rolling your paper. Now, press the left arrow button your printer’s control panel. After that, press the down arrow button for selecting cut/roll paper or Roll Paper/no Cut. Then, press ok.
  5. Open the roll paper cover.
  6. While placing the roll paper in your printer, make sure that your spindle’s black end is place on the left side.
  7. On the control panel, press the button for feeding the paper.
  8. Place the edge of your roll paper into the feeder of your roll paper .
  9. After pressing the button, printer will automatically start feeding the paper in the printing position.
  10. Shut the cover of roll paper.
  11. Go to the control panel and choose Yes for using the displayed media type setting. Choose No for selecting a new setting.
  12. Pull out the output tray. Don’t raise the stopper though. If the stopper is raised at the time of printing, then paper may not eject in a proper manner.

Install Software:

One must have an internet connection for downloading the printer software to Epson surecolor p5000 printer.

  1. Please ensure that your printer is not connected to the computer system.
  2. Now, download the software package for your printer product.
  3. After that, follow the directions given on the screen for running the setup program.
  4. When you see the screen of choose your connection, either choose wired network connection or Direct USB connection.
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