How to Setup Epson WF-3725 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Epson WF-3725 printer. I bought this printer but don't know how to setup it. Give me any solution.

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Setup Epson WF-3725 Printer:


Note: Do not unlock the ink cartridge packets unless you are prepared to Instate the ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to sustain durability.

  1. Eliminate all security materials from the product.
  2. Take up the scanner entity unless it locks and eliminates all protective materials from inside the product.
  3. Put down the scanner unit.

Switch On and Configure:

  1. Establish the connection of the the power cord to the back of the product and to an electrical outlet.
  2. Caution: Do not establish connection to your computer yet.
  3. Open the control panel and switch on the product.
  4. Choose your language, country, and time.

Note: You can alter these configurations later utilizing the product’s control panel. For more knowledge, observe the online User’s Guide.

Install ink cartridges:

Caution: Position the ink cartridges out the reach of children and do not engulp the ink.

  1. Take up the scanner unit until it gets locked.
  2. Caution: Do not touch the flat, white cable.
  3. Gently shake the ink cartridges.
  4. Unload the ink cartridges.

WF-3720/WF-4720/WF-4730/WF-4740 Series:

Load Paper:

  1. Ensure that the product has been completely charged with the ink, and then shut the control panel, lift the output tray, and take out the paper cassette.
    Shift the side edge guides all the way out and establish the front edge guide to the paper size you are utilizing.
  2. Put in paper with the glossy or printable side down.

Note: Ensure that the paper is loaded against the front edge guide and not lingering out from the end of the cassette.

  • Shift the edge guides against the paper, but not too harshly..
  • Place the cassette flat as you put it all the way, then Put down the output tray.
  • Eliminate only the yellow tape from each ink cartridge.


Caution: Do not eliminate any other labels or seals, or ink will leak. Do not touch the green chip on the cartridge.


Caution: Do not eliminate any other labels or seals, or ink

Adhere the instructions on the display to run the installation program.

Mac: Ensure you download Epson Software Updater for receiving firmware and software updates for your product.

When you visualize the Select Your Connection screen, choose one of the following and adhere to the on-screen instructions:

• Wireless connection

In most scenarios, the software installer automatically attempts to install your wireless connection. If installation is unsuccessful, you may be required to type in your network name (SSID) and password.

• Direct USB connection

Ensure that you possess a USB cable (not included).

• Wired network connection Ensure that you have an Ethernet cable (not included).

Mobile Printing:

Establish wireless connection from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Print papers and photos from across the room or across the world:

• Print straight from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Simply Establish connection of your your device to the printer’s network and press the action icon for printing.

• Utilize Epson Print Enabler (free from Google Play™) with Android™ devices (v4.4 or later). Then establish connection of your printer and device to the same network and press the menu icon to print.

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