How to Setup Epson WF 7720 and Connect to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know how to setup Epson WF 7720 and connect to wifi. I am facing some issues while connecting to wifi. Help me

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Setup Epson WF 7720 and Connect to WiFi:

Always remember that when you unbox Epson 7720 be careful because it’s thin. Cut open the printer carton and remove the setup poster and follow the way to Setup Epson WF 7720. put aside the warranty card and therefore the ink cartridges carefully.

Set your priority on the printer after powering it up. Then load the ink cartridges. Keep a huge amount of paper in the input tray and start printing.

Connect Epson WF 7720 Printer to WiFi

Step 1: Turn on your printer and router.

Step 2: Push the Home button on the printer’s instrument panel.

Step 3: Hit the Wireless icon, and you’ll be directed to a replacement window.

Step 4: Choose Wi-Fi Direct > Start Setup.

Step 5: Choose the Wi-Fi network name and enter its password.

Step 6: Exit the window by pressing the home button.

Step 7: See if the Wireless icons are often seen on the Epson Workforce WF 7720 printer’s LCD screen.

Step 8: Guess that the wireless network directly connects to the printer.

Follow the Instructions to Setup Epson WF 7720

Step 1: Offload the Epson Workforce WF 7720 printer from its fresh packaging.

Step 2: Find for the internal printer parts and dump the protective material found there.

Step 3: Use the facility cord to attach your printer to a wall socket.

Step 4: Press the Power button beneath the control panel.

Step 5: Choose your language, country, and time.

Step 6: Open the ink cartridge cover within the scanner unit while following how to Setup Epson WF 7720.

Step 7: It is advised to shake the cartridges well before unboxing them.

Step 8: Unbox the cartridges, remove the yellow tapes, and put them in their individual slots while using the way to Setup Epson WF 7720.

Step 9: Once closing the scanner unit, wait for about 6 minutes to receive an ink charging message.

Step 10: Extend the paper cassette out, move the sting guides outward, and place the paper with its print face downwards.

Step 11: Put the cartridge all the way into its position.

Step 12: Set the paper and print settings. Keep the output tray extended outward.

Step 13: Install the printer software and prepare to print.

Epson WF 7720 Driver

The Epson WF 7720 Driver operates the printer and optimizes its performance. There are separate Epson WF 7720 Driver files for various Operating systems.

The combo package comes with the driving force, scan utility, and event manager. Download the Epson WF 7720 Driver file and run it on your computer to put in it.

Epson WF 7720 Manual

Epson WF 7720 Manual is intended to assist customers to use their printers without hassle. it's comprehensible and pinpoints instructions to unravel Epson Workforce WF 7720 printer issues without expert assistance.

This Epson WF 7720 Manual guide has everything which is very easy and simple to use. I hope the following information will help you to set up Epson WF 7720 WiFi setup.

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