Manual Multiple Page Document Scanning on Epson WF 2760

I am trying to scan some double-sided documents that will not run through the document feeder on my Epson Workforce 2760. How do I do this and have them end up in the same pdf document rather than one pdf doc for each page? Thanks!

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Answer - 1

Epson et 2760 Scan Multiple Pages:

Document Scanning on Epson WF 2760-

If there is a requirement of printing multiple pages of a newspaper, magazine, document and you wish to compile and save them into a single PDF file on your computer system, then you can do so by using document scanning on Epson WF 2760 . Epson scan shows an editing page, which allows you to take a look at the pages as you delete, rotate, reorder, or scan them whenever necessary.

Step 1: Keep your original document or photograph in your scanner. Check the booklets for getting more details.

Step 2: For document scanning on Epson WF 2760 start the scanning process on your Epson printer. Take a look at these sections for getting more instructions.

  • Let us begin with scanning using Epson scan
  • Beginning a scan with Epson creativity suite
  • Begin scanning using another scanning program

Step 3: Choose the basic settings for the kind of originals that you are scanning and choose the destination setting in order to decide the manner in which you are going to use your image.

Step 4: Click on the button of preview to take a preview of the images, then select the scan area by selecting the option of previewing and adjusting the scan area.

Step 5: In case you are using an Automatic document feeder, it will start loading the first page of the document. After that, it will prescan it and shows it in the window of preview. The ADF will start ejecting the first page. Keep the first page of the document on top of the remaining papers.

Step 6: For document scanning on Epson WF 2760, and click the button of scan. The settings of ‘file save’ will appear in front of you. After that, you need to choose PDF as the typesetting. The present compression level, margin, orientation, paper size settings will be shown right below it.

Step 7: If you wish to make any changes in the present PDF settings and then click on the button of “Options’. You will be able to see the plug-in settings window of Epson. Choose the settings that perfectly matches with your document. After that for document scanning on Epson WF 2760, you will come back to the window where you saved the file.

Step 8: Once you are done selecting the settings of the file, click on Ok and then the Epson scan will begin scanning your document and an Epson scan window will pop up in front of you. In case you are scanning several pages using ADF that is Automatic Document Feeder, then every page of ADF will get scanned automatically.

Step 9: In case you are only scanning one page of the document or you don’t want to edit your pages, then you can click on the button of save file and move ahead with the 12th step.

In case you wish to scan other pages as well, then go to Add Page and then reset your documents by going to the ADF or document table and then select scan. Repeat the same step once again if needed and when you are done, click on edit page.

Step 10: Editing page window will show up in front of you, which will show you the image of every scanned page.

The window of editing page will show up the thumbnails of every scanned page. You can use the tools that are given after the page of editing to delete, reorder, rotate, and select pages in the document. Click on the button of help to gain more details.

Step 11: Once you are done editing the pages of your document, then you need to click on ok. After that, your document will be saved as PDF file in the folder of my pictures and then you go back to the Epson scan Window.

Step 12: Close the Epson Scan.

This is how Epson et 2760 scan multiple pages.

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