Printer connected to network but won't print

I have an Epson wireless printer at home and it has stopped printing completely. It is connected to my home network which is a Comcast modem attached to a Belkin router. I do not know what happened but since last night it has just simply stopped printing even though it is connected over the network and the router is working perfectly fine. Can anyone from here tell me what went wrong and how can I fix it?

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

If Epson printer is connected perfectly but not printing anything -

Connection issues -

When the things revolve around data connection between computer and Epson printer then there can occur various issues. It might be possible that cable you are using is not in working condition and due to this printing can affect. Despite the fact that you have setup Epson printer perfectly, everything will go in vain if there exist connection issues.

Driver software -

For successful printing, it is necessary there is proper communication relation between your computer and Epson printer. If you are using outdated drivers or installed wrong drivers then you can experience various technical problems. If the driver is corrupted then Epson printer can stop working all of a sudden.

To update Epson printer driver -

  1. On your hard drive, first, open the Applications folder, choose Epson Software folder and then launch Epson Software Updater.
  2. Now, allow your system to search for software updates.
  3. Proceed with step by step by following on-screen prompts.
  4. During Epson Firmware Update Process, please do not turn off your Epson printer as this can cause further interruptions.

Paused Queue -

You can cancel queued output jobs and also place the entire function on hold by using Epson printer’s onscreen management software. If your Epson printer is not responding then clear print jobs at first.  For clearing paused print queue -

  1. Navigate to Start screen and then press right click on the screen.
  2. Choose All Apps> Control Panel > Hardware & Sound> Devices & Printers.
  3. Next, you have to press right-click on Printer name and then choose the option “See what’s printing”.
  4. Then press right click on stalled print jobs and then tap on Cancel button.
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Answer - 2

Check These Points if Epson Printer Connected to Network But not Printing -

Step 1 - Turn off Epson Printer and computer and restart both of them after some time. Also, check printer’s interface cable is securely plugged into the appropriate terminal of the computer. One more thing i.e., interface cable specifications should match with the specifications for Epson printer and computer.

Step 2 -  If your Epson printer is not set as default printer then the printer will not print anything. Follow these steps to install Epson printer as default printer -

a. Click on Start button and then point to Settings.

b. Choose Printers. Now you are redirected to Printers window where you have to press right click on your Epson printer model.

c. Now, select the option “Set as default” and close the printers window.

Step 3 - Make sure printer port settings should match with printer connection port. For this, go to Start and then point to Settings, choose Printers. Then click on Details tab and verify that your Epson printer is selected in the “Print using the following driver” list. Then, choose the port that is connected in the “Print to the following port” list.

Step 4 - Run Epson printer head cleaning utility. For this, turn on Epson printer and verify that ink out light is off. If ink out light is on, you can’t run head cleaning utility. After this, access Epson printer software and then tap on Utility > Head Cleaning button.

Now your printer will perform a cleaning cycle and when power light stops flashing, just click on “Print Nozzle Check Pattern” in the Head Cleaning Dialog box.

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