Troubleshoot Remote Printing Issue

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Remote Printing Issue

Canon printer Remote printing is a function in which a computer is used with a distant printer. Remote desktop printing or as we jokingly refer it to as remote desktop troubleshooting is a situation where you cannot remote print from your Windows application. Remote printing can be used in my areas eg in business concerns, it can be used as an alternative to faxing.

You need not carry your printer everywhere as you can give instructions over the internet or a network to the printer at the receiving end. In the year 2008, windows introduced some improvements in remote printing in the form of Terminal Services Easy Print. Usually, when we print from a Windows application.

There are Two Possible Outcomes;

  • Interrupted connection with partial printing.
  • There is no outcome as you print from the Windows application which is acting as a host.

Some of the Issues That Cause Remote Printing Issues are Listed Below;

  • Remote desktop failures in remote desktop printer redirection.
  • Low bandwidth usage and poor print performance.
  • Poor network printer management.
  • Incompatibility issues with drivers.
  • printer queues stuck.

However, This Issue can be Resolved Through Proper Troubleshooting Techniques. In the Following Content, We will be Defining Some Troubleshooting Tips to Handle Remote Printing Issues.

  1. Make sure that the printer is plugged in properly
  2. Check the paper trays to see if there’s sufficient paper in the tray.
  3. Check if the internet is properly connected.
  4. If the issue is happening with only one computer, try another program.
  5. Go to start>settings >printer and check whether your printer is on the list or not. Set it as default.
  6. Delete all print jobs
  7. Try printing to the same network printer from another PC.
  8. Avail technical assistance from
  9. Reboot your computer. It will clear the print job in your printer queue if there is any.

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