Why My Epson Printer is Not Working Properly?

My Epson LX 300+ printer is not printing properly. I have updated updates yesterday and from then my printer is not working properly. When I print a letter, characters come out all smugged and some characters appears in yellow color. Sometimes, printer prints half of characters and sometimes top-half is missing. I have also tried to print by connecting to another laptop and computer but still the same problem persists. Thanks in Advance for any response!

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Check these troubleshooting tips when Epson printer does not work -

Physical checks 

  1. Confirm that both ends of USB cable/ethernet cable are firmly inserted into your printer and computer.
  2. If you have any doubt or computer is not recognizing your printer then insert the ethernet cable into different ports of your laptop/computer.
  3. If you are using USB A-B cable then try to use this cable in conjunction with your printer and computer.

Set Epson printer to online manually 

Go to the bottom left the corner of the screen and then tap on Start button > Control Panel > Devices & Printers. After this, press right click on your printer and then choose the option i.e. “See what is printing”. Now a window will pop-up and you have to choose Printer from the topside.
Next, from the drop-down menu and choose the option “Use printer online”.

Remove all pending print jobs 

For removing all pending print jobs, first, you need to open “See what’s printing menu” and then click on Cancel button. After removing print jobs, choose the option “Use printer online”. If still there exist stubborn print jobs then make a fresh restart of your Epson printer and operating system.

Remove & reinstall Epson printer

  1. Navigate to Devices & Printers option and press right click on the printer to select “remove device”.
  2. Now, again add your printer by choosing Add a printer option from “Devices & Printers”.

Remove Drivers & Packages 

  1. Login into your operating system as an administrator. After this, go to Start>All Programs and then Accessories>Command Prompt.
  2. On the Command Prompt screen, type “printui/s/t2” and press Enter button.
  3. By doing this, Print Server Properties window will open on your system.
  4. Then, remove the driver and package for the printer.
  5. Again add your Epson printer by choosing to Add a printer from “Devices & Printers”.

Now your Epson printer will display as online and allow you to continue printing.

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Why My Epson Printer is Not Working Properly?

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