Why My Printer does Not Recognize Compatible Cartridges?

Hello, Please let me know that why my printer does not recognize compatible cartridges. I am facing some issue while printing. Help me.

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Printer does Not Recognize Compatible Cartridges:

What if your Samsung, HP, Brother, Canon, Ricoh or Epson printer does not recognize compatible cartridges? The issue generally occurs when you put a replacement ink or toner cartridge into the printer hardware.

One of the common problem when a printer is unable to recognize a new ink or toner cartridge. Usually the printer owners face this issue while they change or replace an empty cartridge irrespective of the printer brand. This subsequently affects your printer when you replace compatible, remanufactured, or refilled ink cartridges.

So, here's where you can start to understand and resolve the problem. Read below to learn why your printer does not recognize compatible cartridges and how to fix this printer issue.

Why your Printer does not Recognize Compatible Cartridges?

Certain reasons are responsible when your printer does not recognize compatible cartridges. Like just after installing a new ink cartridge or toner in your printer, you will find a message as:

  • 'Toner is not compatible'.
  • 'Printer cartridge not detected' or 'Your printer can not detect ink'.
  • 'A low or empty ink and toner level displayed on your computer'.
  • 'HP cartridges locked' or 'Cartridge protection enabled'.
  • Such kind of printer message on your printer warns that no cartridge has been installed. Moreover, you can also see flashing warning lights on your printer.

Reset the Internal Memory-

Your printer will automatically recognize whenever you install a new cartridge and reset its internal memory. Ensure that it shows status as full ink and toner levels. However, the printer might not do it properly and the old or no cartridge is currently inserted instead.

Remove protective strips

Sometimes, you have not removed the protective covers or plastic strips over any new cartridge. This consequently fails to register the new cartridge and hence will cause you problems.

Clean dirty / damaged contacts

The new ink or toner cartridge consist of number of metal contacts that connect to similar metal contacts of the printer and allows communication. Any kind of dirt or damage can prevent this action.

HP cartridge protection enabled

Updating the firmware is often needed. Having an HP printer, an update can be installed to "enable cartridge protection". This stops the cartridges from functioning in any other printer while other compatible cartridges will also work in your printer. Additionally, the function can be disabled as required.

Bad consumable installed

There is a rare opportunity that happens frequently. Like if a drum, fuser, or other maintenance item is accidentally purchased instead of a toner or an ink cartridge, the printer does not recognize compatible cartridges. So, in this case, you will always need a new ink or a new toner.

Ink cartridge inserted incorrectly

Another possibility is that an ink cartridge is not perfectly inserted and clicked into its dedicated slot. This is when the printer can not detect the new ink cartridge and displays the error message. Here, all you need to do is lift the lid of your cartridge and check all the inserted cartridges again. This step is needed to make sure they have been engaged, then close the lid and try to print again.

Lack of firmware or software updates

One of the core reasons why your printer does not recognize compatible cartridges is due to the malfunction of a compatible ink or toner in your printer. Nowadays, the modern printers automatically connect to the Internet but PC software or internal printing software (firmware) is required to be updated upon the printer request.

These updates work by fixing the occurring bugs. Considering the recent updates, printer manufacturers use these updates as a way to prevent compatible cartridges from running in your printer. Consequently, you get messages such as 'incompatible cartridge' or 'unrecognized cartridge' which are broadcasted on your printer panel.

As per the facts, this is counted as gray area of alegality for printer manufacturers as it is illegal for them to stop you from using a compatible or remanufactured cartridge in your printer. However, you can work on this problem by frequently refreshing the software to new versions that remanufactured cartridge chips that no longer register, rendering them as unusable entity.

If you have a plan to use compatible or persistent inks and toners, you can wisely disable automatic updates for your printer software. This can be done on your computer using the printer properties (Go to Control Panel >> Printers and Devices >> Right-click your printer from the list >> Properties >> Software Tab >> Uncheck the box to update your printer automatically).

Hope this guide works when your printer does not recognize compatible cartridges and toners.

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