Can't Scan from My Dell Printer Onto My Computer?

I have connected my computer to the Dell Photosmart printer through the ethernet cable. I can print from computer to printer but the problem arises when I scan documents or photos. My printer won’t scan and besides this, “no scanner is detected” message display on the screen. In my computer, Windows 7 operating system is installed. So please help me how can I enable scanner part of my printer.

  •   Mick
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  • lay  Nov 4, 2020
Answer - 1

Dell Printer won't Scan to Computer:

Follow these steps to scan with a Dell printer 

  1.  Turn on your Dell printer and make sure it is powering on. After this, check the scanner glass by lifting the top unit of the printer.
  2. After this, gently place your document (face down) on the scanner glass. Align the document in such a way so that it remains in the upper left-hand corner of the glass.
  3. Move to printer’s control panel and press the arrow buttons to choose Scan settings. To begin the scan, press Start button.
  4. To choose the section of the document, you can use the cursor. Ans then save the document by clicking on Save button.
  5. Save the scanning document on your system’s desktop.
  •   Joel
  • lay  March 4, 2024