My Dell Printer is Not Printing

Dell Printer is Not Printing

Generally, there are various reasons why Dell printers do not print anything. Problems with communication between the Dell printer and the computer can stem from various software nuisances.

If your Dell Printer is Not Printing Any Color Then Try These Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve the Problem on Your Own -

Verify You Are Using Dell Ink Cartridges

To check that you are using Dell-branded cartridges, first, take out the cartridges from your printer and then look at the top side. Confirm that the word “Dell” is moulded into the cartridge case. If there is nothing like that then you should immediately change your ink cartridges as such cartridges can potentially damage your Dell printer. 

Verify Packing Tape has Been Removed from the Ink Cartridge

    • Firstly check your Dell printer is turned on. After this, you have to lift the printer’s front cover.
    • Next, squeeze the tabs on the cartridge lids and then lift the cartridge lids up. After this process, remove the ink cartridges.
    • If there exists blue packaging tape on the cartridge then remove it. Now, shake the Dell series cartridge and then reseat them.

Confirm Cartridges are Installed at the Proper Slots

    • Turn on your printer and then raise the front cover of your printer so that the ink cartridge carrier moves to the centre.
    • Check the black ink cartridge is inserted into the left-hand ink compartment and the colour ink cartridge is inserted into the right-hand ink compartment.

Set Printer Preferences to “Use All Available Ink

    1. Windows 10

      • Open the search box and then type “Devices and Printers”.
      • To open the options menu, just touch and hold the right-click on your printer.
      • Next, tap on Printing Preferences and choose the option “Print using all available ink” from the lower right-hand side.
    2. Windows 8

      • Open the Charms bar, click the Search charm and then type Control Panel in the search box.
      • Then tap on the Control Panel app. Choose Category from the View from the drop-down list.
      • Go to the “Hardware & Sound” section and then tap on “View Devices and Printers”.
      • To open the Options menu, press right-click on your Dell printer.
      • Tap on “Printing Preferences” and choose the option “Print using all available ink”.
    3. Windows 7

      • Go to Start > Devices & Printers.
      • Press right-click on your printer and then choose “Printer Preferences”.
      • In the next step, press click on the checkbox that is next to “Print using all available ink”.

Perform a Power-on Reset of the Dell Printer

    • To perform a power-on reset of the Dell printer, turn it off and then disconnect data cables from the printer.
    • Wait for a couple of minutes and then reconnect the data cables from the printers.
    • Turn on your Dell printer and check if it is printing properly or not.

Clean and Align the Cartridge: 

    • Go to Start > All Programs and then choose the Dell Printers folder.
    • After this, tap on “Dell Printer Home” and then select your Dell printer from the drop-down list.
    • Click on the Maintenance tab > Deep Clean Cartridges.
    • Then tap on “Align Cartridges” and print a test page to check if the problem is resolved or not.

Hope, all these measures will prove helpful for your Dell printer and your device will be back to working like a new one.

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