Dell E515dw Can Print But Can't Scan

I have a Dell E515dw all-in-0ne printer at home which i need for my Office related work. The scanner of the printer for some reason is not working properly. The machine prints absolutely fine but yesterday when I tried scanning a document nothing happened. Can anyone tell what the issue is and How can I resolve it?

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Dell e515dw Scanner Check Connection:

Steps to Fix the Problem When Dell E515dw Can Print but Can't Scan -

Step 1: Take a USB power cable and then connect Dell E515dw scanner to computer. After this, you have to install the drivers that are included in the Dell product because without installing the latest drivers your computer will not import the scan pictures to the internal memory.

Step 2: To fix the problem, start your Dell E515dw scanner and then place the image on the scanner glass. Confirm that image is positioned on the corner side where the green arrow indicates the right posture. Then close the scanner glass and save the image on your operating system.

Step 3: In the next step, go to the Start button and then choose All Programs> Accessories> Scanner & Camera Wizard.

Step 4: If you are using Windows then there exists a pre-installed application. Then select the Scan feature and then choose Dell E515dw scanner icon. After this, click on Scan and now your printer will scan the image and displays the digital version on the computer’s screen.

Step 5: Then click on File that is appearing in the upper left-hand side of the desktop screen and then clicks on Save. Now a save window will appear on your system’s screen. Just give a unique name to your image, choose a location, and finally click on the Save button.

Step 6: The now scanned image will save on your system, print it or upload it on Facebook without any hassle.

Hope, these steps will help you to resolve dell e515dw scan to pdf issues and you can once again enjoy hassle-free printing with your Dell printer.

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Answer - 2

Dell e515dw Scanner Check Connection:

Check Out These Tips if Your Dell E515dw can Print But can't Scan -

Step 1. To resolve Dell E515dw scanning problems, verify that Dell printer’s USB is unplugged and the device is switched off. Unplug your Dell E515dw printer from the mains as this process performs the hardware reset.

Step 2. Head towards Control Panel> Devices & Printers. After that, you have to remove all that is related to Dell printer including fax, etc. Just highlight this and choose the option “Remove Device”.

Step 3. You can also remove Dell E515dw printer ports from print server settings that are located under the Ports tab. Just scroll to the bottom of the list and then remove all entries related to the Dell printer.

Step 4. Once you uninstall Dell printer’s software, make sure there are no any left-over items in the registry and file system.

Step 5. Once you are confident that you have removed all traces of Dell E515dw printer, restart your operating system.

Step 6. Navigate to the Dell website and then download & install the Dell E515dw scanner driver software for your printer. Make sure you are downloading the correct drivers according to your operating system.

Step 7. Also, you need to check document placement. Confirm that document is loaded facedown on the scanner glass that is in the upper left corner.

Step 8. Close all applications that are not in use as this may affect printing operations.

Note: if you have any kind of problem like paper Jam in Dell Printer then our experts always ready to help you.

Hope these steps will help you to resolve Dell E515dw scanner issue. If the same problem is still troubling you then post your query on the Dell Printer forum and get the answers directly from experts.

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