Dell C1765 Black Cartridge Printing Light Gray?

Hello, folks I have an issue with my Dell c1765 printer. The black cartridge seems to be not working properly as the printer prints light grey instead of black. The problem started a few days back but the printer used to print fine for sometime after an immediate restart and go back to printing grey after a few pages again. I do not know what the issue is as cartridge seems to be half filled as well. Can anyone help me fix this?


Apply these troubleshooting measures when your Dell c1765 printer cartridge prints light gray instead of black -

1. Low toner and ink levels

You should check the ink cartridges properly as it might be possible that they are empty or ink level is reduced. Also, shake toner ink cartridge so that toner powder around the cartridge can redistribute. Hold the cartridge with your both hands and then shake it gently for about 10-12 seconds.

2. Toner is attached to the fuser roller

As we all now fuser is the part that heats the toner powder and that also helps to seal the paper to create a print. Although toner is stuck to the user’s upper roller and to check this, remove fuser unit and then check if the upper roller is attached to toner roller.

3. A low toner/ink density setting

In some printers, you can easily change the density settings of toner and ink cartridges. To find toner and ink density settings, navigate to “Devices & Printers” section. If there it looks like you are printing at low density then you should increase the density value to some extent.

4. Problem lies with the transfer roller

Whenever problem lies with transfer roller then users have to face various kind of printing hassles. If the transfer rollers are incorrectly positioned in your printer then it can cause light prints.

5. Check your printer’s location

If you have placed your printer at low humidity level then definitely your printer will not print properly. Place your printer in such place that is neither too hot nor too humid so that you can print effortlessly with your Dell printer.

If you are still having problems with printing then immediately ask for professional assistance from experts. In order to receive a customized solution, just post your query on Dell Printer Support forum and then get rid of all technical problems that are troubling you. Users can receive professional support for Dell printer by calling on Dell Customer Service Number where top-notched experts are always available to assist you. No matter what kind of issue you are facing currently, either Dell printer cartridge print light grey or something else, just get in touch with us and troubleshoot all printing issues. If possible then replace your ink cartridges otherwise ask for technical assistance from our experts as they better know how to eradicate such pitfalls in the simplest way.

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Try these fixes when Dell printer’s cartridge print light grey instead of black -

1. Change Toner Cartridge 

If the Dell printer cartridges are empty or running low then give them a check. To check printer cartridges, open Control Panel on your system and then check your printer properties. You can also give a shake to your toner cartridge as by doing this, the toner powder around the cartridge will redistribute. So, just hold the cartridges with your both hands and gently shake it and then insert at the proper position.

2. Toner might stick to fuser roller 

In printers, fuser is that part that heats the toner powder. At various times, toner gets stuck to the upper part of the fuser roller. When such this happens, you will either see a faded printout or ghosted image of your printout somewhere else on the page.

3. A low ink/ toner density setting 

In some printers, you can easily change the density settings of ink and toner. It might be possible that your default settings are low and because of which your Dell printer is printing grey instead of black. Navigate to Devices and Printers section and if you are printing at low density then increase it slightly and try printing.

4. Problem with transfer roller 

When transfer roller incorrectly positioned in your Dell printer then it can cause faded or blurry printouts. So, carefully remove transfer roller using hooks and then insert properly. Once you have properly inserted transfer roller, it should look nice and flat. It might be possible that transfer roller could have something on its surface and thus your Dell printer is printing appropriately.

5. Don’t place your printer in the area of low or high humidity 

It is suggested by experts that don’t place your printer in the area of high humidity or low humidity.

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Dell C1765 Black Cartridge Printing Light Gray?

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