Dell 720 Printer Not Printing Even with a New Ink?

I'm simply trying to print in dark. I purchased a 720 Dell ink from eBay. It was factory sealed and wrapped. When I first print it, it prints the 1/4 of the document ineffectively. at that point, ink began to blur. the following documents will print nothing. However, when I took out the ink cartridges, and tap the ink on my palm, the ink turns out, It is conceivable by the printer is experiencing difficulty squeezing the ink in the paper? Or on the other hand is it an ink issue? The seller said the ink was old, so perhaps the ink is to thick to turn out? Do you think this is a printer or ink cartridge? I reinstalled the printer drivers from the CD. The PC communicates well the printer. I tried setting the ink as regular and trial. I even tried cleaning the dust and dirt from the printer.


If your Dell 720 printer is not printing even with a new ink then it might be possible that your the printer does not recognize the cartridges or thinks cartridges are still empty.

Dell 720 Printer Not Printing

Please have a Look at the Points -

1. You will see a protective tape on the ink cartridge that covers the print nozzle. If you don’t remove this protective tape then your printer will not print anything. Also, there are stickers and labels on the ink cartridge, please don’t remove them.

2. Reset the ink cartridge. For this, press and hold the Cleaning button or “Load/Eject” button for 3 seconds. After that, lift the clamp securing the cartridge but don’t remove the cartridge from your Dell 720 printer. Then, shut the clamp and press “Load/Eject” button once again. If you have any confusion related to resetting process for your printer then consult printer’s user manual.

3. Run an extended cleaning cycle on your printer because it will help your printer to recognize the cartridge. Locate the Cleaning button on your printer and hold it for 5 seconds. After running the cleaning cycle, print a test page.

4. If you have filled the ink cartridge improperly then your printer will not print anything. To fix this, remove the ink cartridge and inject more ink into sponge through exit hole. Now, allow the cartridge to sit unused for an hour. If still, your Dell printer is not printing anything then remove the cartridge and gently tap it on a table so that air bubble get dislodged.

If the same problem still persists then don’t panic, just come to Dell Printer Technical Support forum, post your query and get an immediate fix directly from experts.

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Dell 720 Printer Not Printing Even with a New Ink?

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