Dell V105 Printer will Not Print from PC?

All of a sudden my Dell v105 refused to print doc files, pdf files, photos. I am 100% sure that all settings are correct then why my Dell printer is not printing from PC. To fix this problem I rebooted my PC by disconnecting the power cord and USB cable for a while but this results nothing. I have also tried system restore but nothing is working. Does anyone know how to fix Dell printer so I can resume my printing task?

To Get Your Dell Printer v105 Online, Check These Points -

  1. On your computer, open Control Panel and then locate the Device Manager Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the USB’s controller area and then click on “+” icon to open the list.
  3.  Go to “USB root hub” and press right click on it to choose “Properties”. You have to perform this thing only for “USB root hub”.
  4. Next, choose “Power Management ” tab and then remove the checkmark that is displaying next to “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
  5.  Then restart your system. Once your computer restarts, navigate to “Network Adapters” and then press right click on Wireless Adapter. After this, choose Properties and then tap on Power Management. Also, untick the option that you have done in step 4.

After going through these steps, your Dell printer will work properly.

Configure Dell v105 Printer to Work on a Static/Fixed IP Address -

  1. On your computer, move to Control Panel and then locate the “Printers and Devices” option.
  2. Click on your Dell v105 printer from the list and then press right-click to select “Properties”. For Windows 10, click on Manage > Properties> Ports tab.
  3. On the displaying list, you will be able to check the current IP address of your Dell printer. Just note down this IP address.
  4. Next, launch the web browser and type Dell v105 printer  IP address in the address bar. That IP address will look like something “10.121.123”.
  5. Now settings menu of Dell v105 printer will display on the screen. Now login using default credentials in the username and password field. (Username – admin, password – leave it blank)
  6. You are now redirected to a next screen where you have to click on Connectivity option. On the same page, you also have to set the option to static/manual (instead of automatic).
  7. Now you have to change IP address but make sure it should be original. After changing IP address, save the changes.
  8. Next, enter your router’s IP address and login into router’s setup wizard. To find your router’s IP address, you can also open Command Prompt and then type “ipconfig/all”.
  9. Go to menu options and then add MAC address and your printer’s new IP address. By doing this, your Dell printer will communicate to other devices easily.

Now, your Dell v105 printer is set to a static IP address. If your router reboots then you have to repeat this overall procedure.


Dell V105 Printer will Not Print from PC?

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