How do I Add a Samsung Printer to My MAC?

I have been using my Windows computer for quite sometime now, but recently I switched to Mac on advise of my friend. I have a Samsung wireless printer too which was set as default on my windows PC, but since the change i am not able to connect my printer to Mac. For some reason my Mac would not detect the printer at all and I do not really know why. Does anybody here have any idea then kindly reply back. I need immediate help.

  • Nate
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  • February 14, 2024
Answer - 1

Easy Way to Add Samsung Printer to Mac -

In order to add Samsung printer to Mac, first of all, you have to update software and then connect Samsung printer to Mac. Although Mac OS automatically detects the printer and install all the necessary updates.

Just Look at These Few Steps to Add Samsung Printer to Mac-

Connect Samsung Printer to Mac

Then take a USB cable for connecting Samsung printer to Mac. If you see an error message i.e., “Download the software from official website:” then download and install that one at first and then proceed to next step.

Note – If your Mac has single USB-c port & also use a multiport adapter then connect USB C cable to the power supply to enhance Mac’s battery life.

Once the software is installed, follow this process -

  1. Move to the top, left-hand corner and tap on Apple symbol. Then tap on System Preferences.
  2. Next, tap on “Scanners & Printers” icon.
  3. Then click on “+” sign to add your Samsung printer. Now you are redirected to a new window where you have to click on IP icon (at topside). Fill out the necessary information.
  4. Although you can also use Generic PostScript or Generic PCL printer options.
  5. Once your Samsung printer gets added to Mac, it will display in the printers list.
  6. To confirm your Samsung printer is functioning correctly, just print a test page.

Prepare Your Samsung Printer 

To unpack the Samsung printer, use the instructions that came with your printer such as install ink/ toner or add papers. After this, turn on your Samsung printer and make sure no error message is displaying on printer’s LCD panel.

Update Software 

Select Apple menu and then click on Apple Store. After this, click on Updates to install all the necessary updates. If no updates display on the Mac OS X screen then you should understand that your Mac OS X has the latest information about printer software.

When you connect Samsung printer to Mac, then you may see a message that software is not available.

Note: If you don't know why to Samsung printer not turning on then click here

Hopefully, you understand that what you need to do that how to add samsung printer to mac Issues. In case you have doubts and queries then drop a message. Printer Support where a team of experienced troubleshooters is always ready to help you.

  •   Chris
  •   October 23, 2020