Samsung Printer Printing Black Pages

My Samsung ML-1740 printer is printing black pages only. I have checked ink in other ink cartridges but still, my printer is not printing colored pages. I have also checked print heads and they are unlogged then why my printer is printing only in black color? Help me to resolve this printing nuisance! Any suggestions are highly welcomed!

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Fix Samsung Printer Printing Black Pages:

If your Samsung printer is printing black pages then these issues might be responsible for this -

1. Nozzle Head is Blocked – If the nozzle head of your Samsung printer is blocked then you will not be able to print colored pages. To check if the nozzle is blocked or not, just give the command to your Samsung printer to print pages.

If your printer is still printing black pages then use the cleaning utility that is given by the manufacturer of the printer. By using appropriate ink cartridges, it will lower down the risk of the blocked nozzle.

2. Check cartridges - Open Printer driver by clicking on Start > Settings and Printers. After this, press a right click on your printer’s icon and then choose Properties. Now browse the Properties dialog that performs system checks.

3. Look for a “Print only Black and White” option - Open Samsung printer dialog properties and search the color option that uses black only. The option that enables color, just uncheck it.

Because some printers have different resolutions for color black and white. Some applications also force a printer to use the quality mode that affects this option. On the other hand, if the resolution is forced to its highest then the color output may be disabled.

4. Enable grayscale printing - Sometimes printers and operating system versions also responsible for miscommunication between system and printer driver. In such circumstances, the system may think it is communicating with the black and white printer when in reality it uses a color printer.

If the print dialog displays as one or two checks that depend on print capabilities read by system then -

  • Enable color as grey scale - This checkbox will display for the colour printer.
  • Use simplified colors – This check box displays for black and white printers.

If you are using the color printer then you are seeing “enable color as grey scale” checkbox then check the box should tell the system to deliver all color information and let the printer handle any conversions that may come up.

If your Samsung printer printing black pages then approach professional assistance instead of using your mind because serious technical problems might be associated with your Samsung printer.

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