How do I Connect My Samsung M283x Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Let me know that how do i connect my Samsung m283x printer to WiFi. I bought this Samsung m283x printer but don't know about it. Help me in this.


Connect Samsung M283x Printer to WIFI:

Connect My Samsung M283x Printer to WiFi

If you are searching for an answer to the problem on How do I connect my Samsung m283x printer to WIFI then I will tell you .how to fix that problem and basic facts about the Samsung Printer.

If we look into today’s technology, we see that there are smartphones and laptops all around and we are connected to the internet with the help of Wi-fi. We also want this technology everywhere and we need to print our documents with the help of the printer without any wires.

We want to print wirelessly. So, how do we print wirelessly and all the important? If you are searching for product information and procedure on How to connect Samsung m283x printer to Wifi.

How to Connect Samsung M283x Printer to WiFi:

Solution 1- Restarting Devices

If your printer is not connecting wirelessly then simply turn off the printer and computer and leave both devices and then switch on these devices after some time.

You were thinking, what does restart help, but It can help in the recovery of the printer. If the printer is connected wirelessly before then just disconnect the router. Later, connect the router to the printer again.

Solution 2 – Wireless Connection

Now, check how long your Samsung Printer is connected to the Wi-Fi. If the printer is used for long times, then it can cause connectivity issues. To clear these connectivity problems, you need to change the router settings that include the Wi-fi password and Wi-Fi name.

Before connecting the Wi-Fi, you need to print a network configuration sheet. It’s simple to print the Network sheet. There is an option in the printer to print this sheet. Now check the IP address through which the printer is connected to Wi-Fi.

Solution 3 – Disabling Antivirus

If your printer is not connecting to computer wirelessly then check your antivirus for those issues. Sometimes antivirus like Norton, AVG or Avast etc. block the connection to the computer thinking of unknown device or malware or something. Disable your antivirus and try connecting the printer wirelessly.

Solution 4 – Samsung Printer Reconfiguration

Sometimes the IP address gets changed without any reason or automatically and this in turn affect the printing. To check or change the IP address follow this procedure:

  • Open your browser, any browser whether it’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Now go to the official website of Samsung.
  • After you have gone to the official website, then you need to download the SetIP utility. Now, wait for the file to download.
  • After the download is complete, double click on the file. Through this process, File extraction will start. After extract, start the installation on your PC.
  • After the installation is complete you need to run this program. Now choose the printer.
  • Now, click on Setup and let it complete the configuration through this procedure:
  • In the top section, you will see the name of the Samsung Printer.
  • Now, go to the section of the IP address. Now, the main IP address is the IP address of the printer. It will be like 192.168.x.x. Now change value according to you.
  • After that, you need to check the subnet mask. Check that the value is the same as the router.
  • Now, check the default gateway. Its values are mentioned like or 192.168.x.x
  • After checking all this click on the apply button.

This is the way through which you connect Samsung m283x printer to WIFI.

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How do I Connect My Samsung M283x Printer to WiFi?

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