How to resolve Samsung error code U1-2315?

I have a Samsung Printer for last 5 month and my printer going on good but suddenly my screen displayed Error Code u1-2315 and I do everything like restart printer so many time, Check the connection between printer and system but unable to find. So can anyone give me suggestion how I resolve Samsung Error Code u1-2315?

2 months ago

Go through these steps to resolve Samsung error code U1-2315 -

  1. First and foremost, turn off your Samsung Printer and thus reinstall the fuser unit.
  2. Once you are done, turn on your Samsung printer.
  3. If still, you are facing the same error, then again turn off your Samsung printer and then remove the fuser unit.
  4. After that, check if fuser unit is properly connected to your Samsung printer or not.
  5. Confirm that input voltage is normal and not too much high or low.

If still, you are facing Samsung error code U1-2315 then please ask for support from Samsung Printer Technical Support and free yourself from troubleshooting headaches.

How to resolve Samsung error code U1-2315?

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