Why is My Samsung Printer Not Turning On?

Recently I purchased Samsung Laser printer but after using it once I can’t turn it on. I have also checked plugs and power button and everything is OK. When I press the power button, nothing happens (I didn’t get any flashes). I don’t want to take my printer to any shop as I have no time. Please help me, friends, I am really worried about this problem.

Samsung Printer not Turning On -

The reason you are not able to turn On Samsung printer could be because of an issue with the power outlet it is connected to or the wire may be at fault or there is some issue internally. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem of Samsung not turning on. 

Kindly follow the instructions mentioned carefully:

Try connecting to a different power source: First, make sure that the power outlet it has been connected to is in perfect working condition. Attach a different machine to the same power outlet and if it works then the fault is in the machine. Also, try connecting your printer to a different power outlet in your home.

Press and Hold the power button: Connect your Samsung printer to constant power source and press and hold the power on button for 10-20 seconds. If nothing happens, your printer might have some internal issues in the power circuit causing the problem.

Reset Samsung Printer: If there is a manual button in your printer to reset the settings to default then use that to reset it. Press the reset button for 20-30 seconds and then try restarting your printer again. If the problem was due to a faulty setting then chances are it get wiped out due to reset.

Update Samsung Driver/Firmware: Drivers and firmware are software programs embedded into your machine to maintain its functionalities and control its hardware. These software programs are vulnerable to getting corrupt or even out-dated. So chances are one of the drivers responsible for power on and off mechanism might be at fault.

The firmware updates also ensure to weed out certain problems and issues with the device. So head to your vendor's official website and download all available updated version of driver and firmware for your Samsung printer. Install them one-by-one and then try restarting your printer again and see if that works.

Contact a Technician: If the above-given methods did not help you resolve the issue, then chances are it has encountered some physical damage to it or some major software corruption has occurred. We recommend you to call your service provider if your printer is under warranty period otherwise contact to Samsung Printer provider for easy and fast solutions.

Hopefully, these methods helped you in resolving your issues of Samsung printer not turning on, in case you have any further doubts or queries regarding the same, feel free to contact back and I will be glad to help.


If Your Samsung Printer is Not Turning On Then-

  1. First of all, you have to plug Samsung printer’s power cable into the power outlet. After this, press Power button and wait for a few moments until power light indicator starts to blink. If the power light does not flash then you have to press the Power button. Also, don’t hold the power button for too long as this may turn off your printer.
  2. Next, you have to disconnect Samsung printer’s power supply from the power outlet. Check your printer’s power cable properly because if it is damaged then you need to replace power cable with a new one. Please note one thing i.e., Samsung printer’s power cable is attached to the power module. You have to detach power module from the printer and after this connect the power cable to the power outlet.
  3. In next step, you have to plug power supply to Samsung printer once again and then plug the power cable into the power outlet. Confirm one thing i.e., the power cable is firmly attached to the power module. If your Samsung printer is still not powering on then you have to plug the power cable into another outlet. In case, your printer power at this time, then you should understand that the problem is related to the power outlet.
  4. Move to the backside of your printer and then disconnect USB connectors. If your Samsung printer powered on without USB cable then USB is causing the problem, so you have to replace USB cable.


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Why is My Samsung Printer Not Turning On?

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