How do I Fix a Dell 3130CN Printer Error?

I used to Dell Printer for last 3month but suddenly 3130cn printer error displayed on my screen and already restart printer several time and also check cables but still facing same error.So can anyone give me any suggestion on how do I fix a Dell 3130cn printer error.


Fix Dell 3130CN Printer Error:

The Printer error 3130cn is associated with a paper jam, whenever there are small bits of paper jamming the flow of the paper tray, you might receive this error.

Here, I will talk about various methods to ensure the problem has been resolved. So make sure to follow these instructions carefully.

Dell 3130CN Printer Error

Step 1 : First, switch Off your printer and gently remove the paper tray from its position. Check the tray if any bits of paper is stuck inside the movable parts. If Yes, remove it using a small sharpened tool.

Step 2 : Make sure the dimension of the paper tray is in accordance with the size of the paper tray. Using a different dimension of paper other than recommended one could lead to the problems like these.

Step 3 : Never overstuff the paper tray, as it might block or jam the natural process of papers moving freely from paper tray to the print nozzle.

Step 4 : Remove any paper stuck in the printing process from the front. It is a simpler task but must be done carefully so that you do not damage any other printer parts on your Dell Printer.

Step 5 : Ensure that the print carriage is functioning perfectly and moving freely, you can take it out from its position and clean it with a piece of linen cloth soaked in warm water in order to clean it thoroughly. After the cleaning has been completed try and print a test page to check if everything is working fine.

Note: If your Dell printer installation failed then  Printer Technical Support helps that how to fix it.

These are a few steps one needs to follow in order to fix a Dell 3130cn printer error. In case if the problem still persists, we recommend you to contact our Dell printer helpline for expert guidance and complete solution everytime.

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How do I Fix a Dell 3130CN Printer Error?

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