How Do I Get My Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode?

Please let me know that how do i get my Brother printer out of sleep mode. I am facing some issues while printing. I have no idea about that how to fix it. Help me.

Get My Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode:

So for all those who do not know about Brother Printer, Brother is a leading brand producing multifunctional inkjet printers, fax machines, labelers, and sewing machines for household purposes. Brother printer is the most widely used printer across the globe.

It also has a ‘Sleep Mode’ wherein it consumes less energy. But with this ‘Sleep Mode’ comes an issue where the printer displays an error message stating that the printer is in deep sleep mode.

To Fix the Issue and Get the Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode you could Try Any of the Following Methods.

1. Get your Brother Printer Out of Sleep:

Step 1: Navigate to the main menu option and select the ‘General Setup’ option.

Step 2: Click on the Ecology section and select the ‘Sleep Time’ option.

Step 3: A space will appear. Type in the time you want your printer to stay awake before going into sleep mode.

Step 4: Press Start and the options key together. This will turn off the sleep mode of your printer.

Step 5: After this, whenever the message for ‘Sleep Mode: On’ appears on your screen, press the up or down key to turn the mode off.

Step 6: Hit the OK button and then click Stop/Exit.

Step 7: After waiting for a few minutes, restart your printer and Save changes.

2. Turn Sleep Mode Off:

To get your Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode you could try on the reset windows option. Follow these steps below to complete the entire procedure.

Step 1: From the Control Panel, click on the OK button.

Step 2: The menu of the printer will appear on-screen.

Step 3: Select the General Settings option.

Step 4: Click OK and select the ‘Sleep Time’ menu.

Step 5: Click the down arrow and cancel the options.

Step 6: You will be able to see the ‘Deep Sleep’ menu. Click on the OK button and move on.

Step 7: Again click OK. You will reach the main screen.

Step 8: Finally, Restart your Computer.

3. Set your Brother Printer as Default Printer:

This could be one of the most effective solutions to get the Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode. Setting your Brother Printer as the default printer is easy and can be done by following the simple steps listed down below.

Step 1: From the Start option, navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Click on Devices and select Printers and Scanners.

Step 3: From the options, select your Brother Printer.

Step 4: Click on the Manage option.

Step 5: Select the option to set it as default.

If you are operating using some other printer as a default printer then you can deselect the earlier one and make your Brother Printer as default by choosing it from the Printers and Scanners option in the Control Panel.

The above methods are effective and easy to wake the Brother Printer. You could try each of these before exploring any other options. Make sure to follow each of these sub steps diligently to prevent any mishap. In case the problem persists and your printer is in its sleep mode, make sure you get it to the nearest service center rather than trying everything available on the internet.


How Do I Get My Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode?

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