How to Clear the Canon Check Ink 1686 and 1688 Error Messages?

Is there anyone who knows about how to clear the Canon check Ink 1686 and 1688 error messages. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Clear the Canon Check Ink 1686 and 1688 Error Messages

The error message "canon check ink 1686 and 1688" can occur quite early as the printer does not have any way to inspect the fresh ink inside the cartridge. The cartridge keeps a record of the number of pages printed and the average coverage of the page. With the help of this information, the printer detects the cartridge's ink level.

When the printer detects that the cartridge is empty or the ink is low then it shows "check ink 1686 and 1688 error". Depending upon the kind of printer, press and hold the stop /reset/ resume button for at least 5 seconds this way your printer will allow you to print even when you are aware of low empty cartridges.

You can still print even after the ink level is quite low but the print quality will not be that good. 

Is There a Way to Get Around This Error Message?

Yes, you can, and it's quite simple. When it detects that the cartridge may be empty, this line of Canon printers allows you to continue printing with a single button press and will normally prompt you with a rather large message.

Press and hold the STOP/RESET/RESUME button on your printer for five seconds before releasing it. While the button's name may vary, the symbol that represents it will always be the same.

Depending on the kind of your printer, it could be grey, pink, or even crimson. Holding this button down for five seconds tells your printer that you're aware of the low/empty cartridge estimation but want to keep printing anyhow. The ink level will still be below at this point, but you can keep printing with this cartridge until the ink runs out and the print quality suffers as a result.

Is There Any Danger in Doing So?

There are none at all. When a physically empty cartridge is used repeatedly, the cartridge's printhead can burn out. However, keep a watch on the print quality provided by the cartridge. You can avoid any potential harm, leaving you free to replace or recycle the empty cartridge as you see appropriate.

In the unlikely case that you don't detect the ink has run out and wind up burning out your printhead, you can easily replace the cartridge with a new one, causing no damage to your printer.

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