How to Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect Canon mg3650 printer to wifi. I bought this Canon mg3650 printer but now i am trying to connect with my wifi network then it's not connecting. Help me in this problem.

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How to Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi? (Easy Steps)

The Canon PIXMA MG3650 is a wireless all-in-one inkjet printer outlined for home and small office use. It offers several features to meet various printing needs, including document printing, photo printing, and scanning.

Connecting your Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi involves a series of steps and many people look out for some easy and simple steps that will help them. So, are you looking for a quick and simple guide that will help you connect your Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi? Well then, we’ll provide you with some simple steps that will help you in doing the same.

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WPS Connection Method:

Prior to starting with the process, there are certain conditions that one needs to meet for using the push button method.

  • The router needs to have a physical push button. Take a look at the user guide of your device to check the details.
  • The network you use should have WPA2 or WPA security. In case WEP security is enabled, then you will not be able to use the WPS method. Take a look at the wireless connection settings of your PC to find out which security method you can use on your Wi-Fi.

Complete the Steps to Connect the Canon MG3650 Printer to the WiFi

Step 1: When the setup screen opens in front of you, click on start setup.

Step 2: The software will fetch information about the latest driver and will start downloading it. This is going to take a few minutes.

Step 3: Choose your region and nation and then select Next.

Step 4: Now, the license agreement page will be displayed on the screen. Select yes, if you want to accept the terms of the license agreement.

Step 5: Select Agree if you wish to participate in the extended survey program. If not, then click on Do not agree.

Step 6: Click on Next to enable the install wizard process.

Step 7: Choose Wireless LAN connection, then select Next.

Step 8: Choose to connect through a wireless network and then select Next.

Step 9: Please ensure that your printer is turned on and then click on Next.

Step 10: The software will begin detecting the printers on the network. This is going to take some time. So wait till your device gets detected.

Step 11: After you connect your printing device to the network, choose it from the Window of the list of “printers on your network” and select Next.

Step 12: Check if “setting printer couldn’t be found on the list” is chosen and select Next.

Step 13: The printer setup guide will open up and will help you connect your printer to the network by using the process of “Connection through Cableless setup”. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your printer to the network. Then, click Next.

Step 14: The setup will begin looking for the printer. The internet connection will remain disabled while the setup is discovering the printer device.

Step 15: Select Next when the setup is complete.

Step 16: The network tools and MP drivers will be installed and downloaded.

Step 17: Now, wait for the setup to be completed.

Step 18: It is recommended to do the printhead alignment if you are installing the printer for the first time. Click on Next. Take a look at the guide to get further information.

Step 19: Click on execution for performing a test print or else click on Next.

Step 20: Choose the software that you want to install from the list and select Next. In case you are unsure of the software to download, then there is nothing to worry as you can uninstall the software at a later point of time.

Step 21: Select Next to register the printer. If not, then click on Skip.

Step 22: Once the installation is completed, click on Exit.

So, these are the steps to connect the Canon mg3650 printer to wifi using the WPS connection method and Standard connection method.

How to Connect Canon mg3650 Printer to Phone?

Canon MG 3650 is an incredible multifunctional printer available at an affordable rate. It has many amazing features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, AirPrint facility, exceptional printing performance, great scanning resolution and a lot more. This printer is a great choice for personal use.

However, people can encounter technical errors while using this printer. One of the common errors that users face is that the Canon MG3650 won't connect to Wi-Fi. This error can occur because of various reasons.

Internet not working problem is one of the main reasons why people face this issue. Before moving on to the troubleshooting steps, you must determine the underlying cause.

Canon MG3650 Won't Connect To Phone- Why?

To connect a Canon printer to a phone, you need to install the Canon Print app on your mobile device. Now, open the app. Press and hold your Wi-Fi button on your Canon printer. After that, press the button "Color Copy". Press the Wi-Fi button one more time and then the Wi-Fi light will blink again.

Now, select the option of "Add a printer" on your Canon Print app and then choose "Auto Connection". Then, the app will detect your printer and a connection will be established.

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FAQs of Connect Canon MG3650 Printer to WiFi

Q1. How do I connect my Canon mg3650 printer?

Ans: To connect your Canon Printer to Wi-Fi, you need to press the Wi-Fi button on your Canon printer. Now, the ON light will start blinking. Then, press the Wi-Fi button again. After that, press and hold the Stop button and wait for the light to blink 16 times. Now, open the page of printer network configuration on your printer and set the WPS PIN.

Q2. How do you reset Your Canon mg3650 Wi-Fi?

Ans: To reset Wi-Fi settings on your Canon printer, press and hold the button right next to the colour copy button and then the triangle light will blink 21 times. Release the button after counting 21 flashes.

Q3. How to connect Canon mg3650 with USB?

Ans: Take a USB cable and connect your printer and computer using this cable. Now, install the necessary printer drivers. The driver will detect that the printer is connected to the computer.

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